It is the story of the self looking for completeness.
It is the glue which brings everything together, as it was meant to be.

When we feel we are merged, we are in communion.
It is merging with God and everything else. A sense of appreciation of this moment as it is.
Without that “everything” then there is just a fractional experience of what could be.
It is a kiss in the cheek rather than the life-giving breath of union of completeness.
The marriage of the Sun with the Moon.
Then, the reflection of the moon in the lake can only be known with just one label: The night.

Breathe in. That is life. It is your emptiness which allows the space for fulfillment.
Breathe out. Feel the heart alive and bursting out those feelings which can only expand into the horizon of a new beginning.

Depth of feelings is bliss. The highest ecstatic and exquisite feeling coming from you. It is just you. Holy, pure, sacred.
There is no one who has the key for your happiness once you have experienced what is in you.

Life is sharing, serving; that is love. To live is to love. “Others” are in you. Union. Celebration.

A feeling has the “heart” to bring the Sun and Moon together. It has the sweetness to melt that ice of separating thoughts into nourishing flowing water, to satiate your neighbor’s thirst for love.

To live is to feel.
Communion. That is everything.

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  1. BK John Bhai Kumar

    I AM

    I AM.. NOT my parents They have raised me according TO what was in THEIR BEST honour and Conscious to whatever IT was THEY believed was best. Not haven given only the GOOD & POSITIVE ASPECTS of WHOM THEY WERE, but ALSO THEIR SHORTCOMINGS. With MOST HUMBLE GRACE & GRATITUDE i THANK THEM BOTH for THAT, while THAT was what i, the soul, needed to LEARN from. Having TAKEN ALL THE TIME i NEEDED, in my own TIME, at my own PACE & CONVENIENCE, i have DISTANCED the SELF from THEM, in order, TO LET GO OF ALL which DID NOT and DO NOT SERVE me AND OTHERS in a BENEFICIAL WAY. i ONLY kept THOSE ASPECTS WHICH DO. i am NOT my physical mother, i am NOT my physical father, the ones whom this physical body sprung off. i, the soul, am NOT this physical mortal coil, i decided to take, as my temporary COSTUME. i am NOT any of my brother & sisters either, nor am i any of any one else i, the soul, am NOT GOD i, the soul, am HIS spiritual CHILD In my ORIGINAL form i am LIKE Him, created in the LIKENESS of HIM. i, the soul, am SEPARATE, from any one other soul, including, the SUPREME One, Highest UPON High, GOD WHILST having the STRONGEST & IMPERISHABLE CONNECTION with HIM. GOD shows SON SON shows GOD WARM & INVOLVED YETSEPERATE FREE IN HIS UNLIMITED LOVE & REMEMBRANCE ~~ Om Shanti BK John Bhai Kumar

    Met Vriendelijke Groet / Kind Regards,

    John E.M. Muller Radio Operator Atlantic Rotterdame-mail: aroro@ams-gl.comRadio Room: 0031 (0)72 5409514

    Hanenburglaan 190 2565 HA Den Haag Zuid Holland Netherlands

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