Question: dear soul my query is regarding ayakt bapdada milan how it is declared before so many months ahead that on such and such dates god will come in dadi how it is declared so well in advance,or can we interpret it like how we interpret sakar muralis that if we follow strict srimat of baba all life long including bramhcharya,strict vegetarianism,not eating outside,doing amritvela,atleast 8 hrs dyan even in daytoday karma,feeling merged with god the point of supreme light,feeling light and flying shtithi,then perhaps one can invoke god the supreme energy into us,this is the last stage of rajyoga feeling one with god in combined swaroop.your comments and interpretation.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Many times when we want to understand something Spiritual, we use as our reference, the physical world. This is the world of schedules, unforeseen circumstances, etc. At the Spiritual level, BapDada is ALWAYS available. There is no need to set up a “meeting.” In the subtle region there is no time. Therefore, those dates basically come to us as a convenient means for us bodily beings so we can “arrange our busy schedules.”

Dadi Gulzar is the appointed instrument to receive BapDada. In this way, we can avoid misunderstandings.

Dear soul, If you want to be “merged with God,” all you need to “do” is become soul conscious, the experience of the “true” self. As I have mentioned many times already, at the soul level there is no sense of “separation” even though we are different souls, just like in the subtle region there is no sense of time. However, in the consciousness of the body, we are stuck in thinking that GOd is the “other.” That is the conceptual view at the physical level.

One more item, “to interpret sakar Murlis” is not the more convenient approach, for everyone has their own interpretation. Then, we can appoint someone as the “bona dife instrument” to interpret what “Baba wanted to say,” however; we forget about different experiences in life and we cannot make a “blanket statement” that should apply to all for them, we will miss the gyani concept of “numberwise.”
Experience, then share your experience.
Following strict Shrimat to the “dot,” is interpreting what is meant to be the experience of the “spirit of the law.”

For example, if Shrimat says that brothers should sit in the left side and sisters in the right side and never mingle among them; then your strict interpretation of shirmat will be to “never” sit on the same side of the opposite gender.

That is not the “spirit of Shrimat,” which is basically to allow for people of a particular tradition to feel comfortable while maintaining at ease any feelings that they may feel while in the process of conquering sex lust. Once we have conquered sex lust you can sit with anyone on your side. It is numberwise.

In other gatherings, where “sex-lust” is “normal,” it doesn’t matter where you sit as long as you feel comfortable. Different “interpretations” according to experience.

It is important to remember that all the things that we practice are meant to help us in the experience of soul consciousness. As Baba mentioned in one Murli : “Be soul conscious and then do what you want.” 🙂 This is not meant to be a “religious ritual” but a tool for self transformation.

Best wishes!


  1. bk angel

    thanks for the precise and beautifull explanation and comments
    you are definetly special chosen soul by shiv baba to guide all souls


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