We do what we are


Being is living. What we truly are has been there for eternity. Some may know “that,” with a label: A soul, a spirit, purusha; etc.

The experience of that which we are is all that matters, for that is all that we could ever know. The rest are perceptions.
Feelings are the expression of that being.

When activities are performed in that awareness of that “inner being,” then our activities are “in-tune” with the “outer” spirit of life.

Some call that “Drama,” others call it “Tao,” others call it “Life.”

Therefore, there is a universal consciousness, which brings unity to everything there is, everything that happens. Nothing exists in isolation.

When the perception of that unity is lost, then the “mirage,” the “illusion” of separation exists. When we separate, we build individuality. When that individuality overtakes our personality; it becomes known as ego.

Suffering then is a consequence of that separation from the totality of life.

Ego manifests its power through thoughts and emotions.
Thoughts usually become our perception of being separated which will manifest into actions and further thoughts. This repetitive cycle is what is known as “sanskara” or predisposition. An ego performing actions, will be actions with ego.

When a thought colors the original feelings of the “inner being,” they become emotions. Those emotions express themselves through the body: a disease, a sensation, a pain in the heart, upset stomach; etc. Those disturbances we name as : fear, love, hate, etc. When we express emotions, the body will experience the consequence of it.
Emotions are dualistic. A high elation is followed by a low depression. Their intensity is the same but in opposite directions.

The seed then is a thought. That thought is one of separation between “you and me.” That is the importance of recognizing thoughts.

Therefore, the “cure” for this “disease” of separation, is to go back to the original nature of Oneness. That means that our consciousness needs to be in the awareness of what is “true.”

This has been called “witnessing,” detached observer, trustee, presence, careful awareness, etc. Different names for the same thing.

When that “witnessing” comes with feelings originating in the self; it has been known as “yoga.”

Therefore, the cure of separation and suffering is to remember that oneness. That means to experience it constantly.

This sense of oneness, has been named as experiencing God for some, or to be in bliss for others; note that the experience of being with someone like God or by itself, are both accurate as long as there is the sense of unity, communion. That makes the experience of spirituality complete. The descriptive words are not as important as the experience itself. The proof of that spiritual experience is in our activities. We do what we are.

Let us say that John is a challenging employee. John does not care about his supervisor’s role. He will challenge his supervisor continuously. Roy supervises John and Anne supervises Roy. That is the “chain of command.”

Before Roy was hired, Anne supervised John. Anne believes that John is necessary in the organization, even though John continually gets in trouble with other employees due to his “know it all” attitude.
John is very knowledgeable in what he does and despises “slow people.” John has a big ego.

John manipulated his work schedule as he wished. He wanted Roy, his supervisor; to sign for it. Roy refused on the grounds that John never asked for permission to change his regular schedule.

John was upset. He mentioned that he has been always a tireless employee in the organization, willing to go the “extra mile.”
John complained to Anne about this.

Anne was a caring woman, who believed in John at all costs. John has saved “her skin” in many occasions due to his know-how.

Anne met with Roy about this incident. At the end it was Anne, the one making the final decision.

In the rational world; John didn’t have any valid ground on his posture. However, in the “real world,” we have Anne’s emotions which are coloring her decision. Anne does nto want to cause issues on her “star employee,” but at the same time; she wants for Roy to feel good.

Roy had some “choices.”
1) He could try to enforce his position (ego) over John. By asking Anne to fully comply with his refusal to sign his time sheet. By doing so, Anne’s emotions will appear and defend his “star employee.”
2) Roy could just explain his position and become part of the “movie;” that is accepting whatever Anne decides to do. Many could take this as lack of “ aggressiveness” from Roy; but in the “movie of life,” we know that it all depends on how important this episode is for Roy. That “importance”becomes an expectation. That is a desire to enforce his supervisory position over John.

Many times life will offer us the same episode. As long as there is separation between “me” and “you” at any thought level; we will have a desire. If that desire is fulfilled or not; it will lead into further desires to strengthen the separation. That is how ego strengthens itself.

Roy could be totally “unshakable” if he just becomes a witness; that is a detached observer with “unlimited disinterest” on the outcome. Anne’s decision will not affect him as long as Roy’s ego is not around. Roy still will obtain a paycheck and the law of karma will do the needful. In which way?

If Anne decides to agree with John; then John will simply “bypass” Roy at all times.
John will keep pushing his way until Anne will not be able to take it anymore. Roy just needs to “get out” from being in between.

As long as Roy lets everything unfold, without having his ego included in this; things will flow according to the spiritual laws. This is known as being “empty,” a “trustee.”

However, that “emptiness,” can only be “true,” if it comes from the experience of the self. That is continuous remembrance of our eternal quality. That remembrance is experiential. Without this experience, it will be just “acting.” When we “act” we are not “original,” and the consequence of that is an emotion building up in the self. We can stop emotions from being shown at a particular time; but that emotion will be waiting there to “explode” at a later time. That is known as a “sanskara” emerging; but note that the origin was a repressed emotion.

We cannot stop the flow of energy but just redirect it. Transform it. What we produce, will come back to us.


  1. vvrisor

    It’s a wonderful post in understanding the wider aspects of SPIRITUALITY. Now, the horizons are broadened for SOULS to do a lot of churning on the subject.

    Thank you avyakt7 for being an instrument, in discerning the knowledge for the benefit of aspiring SOULS in their path of SPIRITUALITY.


  2. Shubhra Goel

    So beautifully explained in depth. Thanks for sharing the practical application of Baba’s knowledge with so much clarity. I live this blog. Thank you Baba.

    Sent from my iPhone


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