Questions chosen to be answered for May 22, 2013

om shanti ,BABA often says us to be yuktiyukt and yogyukt .meaning to be practical and logical in different circumstances necessarily on the basis of gyan and also to have yog with baba simultaneously. different circumstances in lowkik or alowkik life demand different responses from us.but still it is found that while i am dealing with the world around me which is necessarily tomoguni but behave firmly in the way as baba tell us ,I face a problem as I find myself not suited to this world .just as an example if my husband says me to go to a cinema ,i have to go as I don’t have any option to deny it as it seems to be my duty as a wife.i choose to go but still I know by seeing those vulgar and violent scenes,which I don’t like to see as baba says us not to see evil what can I do?.really it has an impact on my mind how much detached I can be ,for which I have to struggle to clear my mind again as the previous sanskars may rise at any can we be yuktiyukt where it is the responsibility concerned with both lowkik and alowkik .if those people I am related to say waste talks and also demand my opinion on that which I feel it is basically the waste of my intellect to think on it,neither can I ignore them nor can say anything as I don’t want to make waste talks . introversion and silence inside I am feeling in soul consciousness does not permit me to talk to be yuktiyukt in such circumstances?how can I use all of my time in earning spiritual treasures as baba inspires us to do?thank u. ur thoughts. pls……

Thank you for sharing your circumstances for the benefit of all.

Dear soul,

The words “yogyukt and yuktiyukt,” represent soul consciousness and using the right method according to knowledge.
Logic has nothing to do with Spirituality. Reason does. Logic is merely a game with words. Logic does not have substance of experience. You can infer a most probable outcome through logic. That is as far as it can get you.

My assumption is that those who are reading this blog, from the BK world; are beyond the “childhood” stage and the world of “black or white.”

Your example personifies that “being beyond.” If we hear in the Sakar Murli: “The cinema is hell.” Then automatically we take that as “the cinema is bad. I should not go.” We forget about the time and circumstances when that Murli was spoken; we blindly follow words without deeper understanding.

If I say: “All movies are bad,” I am generalizing, which doesn’t fit the “reality” of gyan when we explore the concept of “numberwise.”

The issue is not that you have to go with your husband to the cinema and watch whatever he wants you to watch. The issue is if you have communicated to him that there are certain movies that you would prefer not to watch because of their violent content.

Hopefully your husband is “reasonable” (not logical) so he could care about your wishes. Otherwise, you know who you are dealing with; thus, you could prepare accordingly.

Someone may take you to the cinema but that person cannot force you to watch. In my experience, I have gone to the cinema with some friends including BKs, and If I do not find that movie to be suitable for me; I will tune out. Shut my eyes and practice remembrance despite the noises and the highly emotional voices coming from the movie. I will get up and go to the bathroom at my own leisure as it there was no tomorrow…. 🙂 and then, believe me; the person will get the drift without a word from you.

When is time to talk, you need to say what you feel is proper from your perspective. Only be careful on the form that you use to say it. I had people who may get upset because I do not agree with their opinions; but at the same time; to be honest with them is of paramount importance. Sometimes, it is better not to say anything, some others, you need to: Become assertive, non emotional and in good manners. That is all. Then forget about it. Don’t bring the topic up, anymore.

It is a balancing act, what we need to learn to get those “black and white” concepts out of our minds and use the situations to see how much we have gone “beyond.”

It is of no use if I label this world as “tamoguni” (degraded)It is what it is and I rather have my mind clear from duality. We need to learn to live in this world and make the right decisions according to the situation, the circumstances. We need inner flexibility to be able to live harmoniously, in balance… and this dear soul; takes greater wisdom than just to say “No” to everything which life presents to us.

Best wishes!

Question: Who is the ‘creator’ of ‘Maya’? Who is the ‘creator’ of ‘the drama’?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
The “creator” is our own mind.
That word “creator” has been used extensively in devotion. It is meaningless in deep Gyan for creation brings automatic destruction; (dualistic) but; it is an eternally repetitive cycle; thus “creation” or “destruction” are just perceptions of the mind. We make a difference when there is only continuity.

Nothing is created in this Drama. Nothing. It is what it is. We can label things as our “morality” dictates; but those labels are not real. “Maya” is a label with the meaning of “bad” an illusion, the “opposite of God.” Just labels. The illusion goes away when we wake up. There is a time to sleep and a time to awaken.

The “Drama” has always existed. Always. “Drama” is a word that we use for “life.” Existence has always existed and always will.
Non-existence, only exists in our own minds.

Best wishes!


  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Dear divine sister,
    Om shanti.

    i understand your situation.. i have come across plenty of such situations. Just a few examples :

    1.Once i was invited to attend a dance programme by a bK friend during my stay with them in a different town. i had no choice but to go with them. The programme started and i just drifted in to my own world. It was a one hour programme.. i could hear the songs, the applause, and could see the artists dance right in front of me, but i was ‘not there’. On our way back home my friend asked me about the programme and i commented that it was just wonderful. 🙂

    2. We do get visitors at home, we visit people, and also stay with our relatives some times. None of my close relatives or friends are in this knowledge. So, the conversations revolve around only things of the material world.

    i used to be a very talkative person in my pre BK life, but now i speak less. When i am with a group, i make sure that i participate in the conversations. i agree with them on simple statements which are ‘safe’ to comment on and smile and be happy throughout our meetings.

    Some times i am ‘caught’ not participating enough, then i usually say that i am listening to all their opinions which are very interesting and am thinking about them.

    Some times (not always) i give the excuse that my throat is hurting hence i can not talk much.

    When i hear things that i can not tolerate, i just try to change the topic using some yukti or the other or move away from there with some pretext like wanting to help the hostess in the kitchen, or wanting to see their garden, etc.

    3. Some hosts switch on the TV in the living room and all the guests are ‘forced’ to see the programmes throughout the meeting. Many like watching TV and they keep commenting on what is going on in that soap opera or the cricket game.

    That is the time i try to chat with the person sitting next to me in a low voice (so that others do not get disturbed) and after ‘watching’ the TV for a few minutes, i also pass some funny comment to make people believe that i am not bored. And then after some time i pick up a magazine and start to ‘appreciate’ it and ‘enjoy’ it very much. By that time it would be time to eat and i move on to my next ‘act’. 🙂

    4. While having food i try my best not to talk. i use different yuktis based on the situations. Some of them are listed below.

    1. “i am a slow eater, if i start to talk, i will never be able to finish my dinner.”

    2. “i have difficulty in swallowing (which is true) so i have to focus on eating rather than talking.”

    3. “Please be silent to the extent possible and do not start discussions during meals. Otherwise, your dad (my husband)would pass some comment or the other which could hurt you badly (which is true) and you will find it difficult to finish your meals.” This precaution enables us to have minimum talk during meals and we all eat happily and peacefully.

    Hope these yuktis will be of help.

    yad pyar,
    Gayathri ben.



    Thank you soul for your timely reminder. I have to go to attend a wedding this weekend in Orlando and really do not wish to go(ego). My lokic partner( not in Gyan) is the reason for going. I need to keep the awareness that I have different choices and still be where I need to be. Thank you for helping me move from kindergarten tl the higher grades.
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