Comments on Avyakt Murli – May 26, 2013

The Gathering of avyakt Angels
Original: 2-7-76

In this Murli, BapDada is basically explaining 3 points:
1) Self-recognition 2) Self transformation 3) Transformation of the world through self transformation.
Note that every teaching goes back to the self. If we recognize clearly who we are, then Self-Transformation can take place not as a “practice,” but as a life commitment. It is only through self transformation how world transformation could happen. It is only through self “revelation,” how the revelation of God could happen.

As was mentioned many times already, the “proof” in Spirituality is to become. To say that “we know God,” will not make much of a difference if in fact, we have not transformed; for knowing someone like God, means to be colored by His company.

Time is the “creation” of the creators, but at the same “time,” Time is fixed.
This is the second part of the Murli (Personal meeting.) Note that BapDada is talking about being a “Detached observer,” as the “special effort,” of Maharatis.

The whole description in that Murli excerpt, is what “it feels like” when reaching that stage, where “a crucifx is felt like a thorn.” BapDada mentions that “sin” and “waste” are gone in the experience of that stage; for a detached observer is no longer affected by the strings of the Drama, the movie plots.

Intellectually, we could have the knowledge of “nothing new,” but it is in the experience of the self, the soul; how we could experience that detachment from the movie, the “Drama.”
The “effort” is in the experience and the practice of going beyond “time” to be untouched by “time.”
Knowledge of the Drama is useful only when we become the embodiments of it when a “test” happens. In the meantime, we may fluctuate. It is part of the process of becoming “stable” in the reels of the Drama.

I enjoyed the questions and answers at the end of the avyakt Murli. It is a “new” innovation.
Basically, those points are showing again the stage of “detached observer.” The “point” stage, is nothing else but a “detached observer.” (No waste thoughts, no effects of sinful actions = “the past is past.)

BapDada explains in simple terms that we could be a “lotus flower” (Yet another name for a detached observer) when we do not see defects or weaknesses of others. This could affect our stage if we react with disapproval or being bothered by the scene; then we will absorbe what is going on in that atmosphere. On the other hand, good wishes and pure feelings will allow us to maintain a stable stage.

BapDada mentions that to “bow down,” means to be humble.
To be “humble” is to display all of the gifts which the Drama has given us without the thought of having those qualities as “mine.” To be “humble”means to cooperate with those gifts, without the thought of being cooperative.

Unless we express fully those qualities, we cannot “bow down,” for we cannot keep things with ourselves when is the time to share them with all.

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