Question for May 26, 2103

Om Shanti Bhaiya.. I would like to know, what is the meaning of yog, especially when Baba says, you children have to do yog for 6 hours, 8 hours. Does that mean, we need to sit separately for 6 – 8 hours and be in remembrance of Baba “only” or these 6 – 8 hours could include like listening to Babas songs, class, reading your blog, muralis, or even talking about Baba to someone? Thank you, and many good wishes for you, for this wonderful blog.

Dear soul,

Thank you for your great question! and your kind words… 🙂

Yog or Yoga is an experience. That experience is personal. In my experience, what you hear in the Sakar Murlis about yoga is an invitation to express feelings from the heart by having God as the receiver of those feelings. For me it has always been about feelings and not thoughts.

Many have taken remembrance or “yog” literally as remembering Brahma Baba’s face or a point of light or some animated “visualization;” those things are fine but they cannot be applied for everyone to follow the same way.

Yog is an invitation to be connected with spirituality, to experience the inner self, first and foremost.

This is something that you will need to discover for yourself. Let me just share that in my BK career, it has changed from the above description into “remembering the inner self,” that is complete awareness of “I” the soul, while walking and moving around and the experience of that serene feeling while doing “normal tasks.” This is not about using the mind to recall a figure or a picture, or talking words internally; but is about being aware of that which is us and that we could experience.

Many may disagree with me, but this is what currently works for me and has given me a different appreciation of Spirituality as the way for self discovery. Even Sakar Murlis have mentioned: “Be soul conscious and remember the Father.” In my experience, in that soul consciousness there is automatic remembrance of the the Father as we share the basic quality of being souls and there is no separation at that level as we know it at the corporeal level.

There are many articles in this blog about remembrance, which I would suggest for you to read; but bear in mind, that it is your own discovery what is important.

Let us know what you find out.

Best wishes!

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