One more time: Who are you?


In Spirituality, there are words which mean absolutely nothing.
Only if I become that which I am naming, then that means something; but that something cannot be the same thing that I name. The meaning is in being, but naming has no meaning.

What I know in Spirituality, I cannot describe accurately through words. It is indescribable; but unfortunately; I need to use words to express somehow what is known.

If you take my words as the “truth,” you will know “falsehood.”
If you take my words as an “opinion,” you will know that everything we convey are just opinions.
If you take my words as my experience; then you will know that what is true for some, may not be for others.
If you listen to my words without thinking about more words to say or clarify, you will become a good listener.
By becoming a good listener, you may realize something which you didn’t know before.

That is the meaning of “my words.”

Who am I?

I am…. This label or that label. But not both. That is not logical. 🙂
Those labels are merely descriptions. You are not a description.

I am a soul.
Wrong! 🙂
Another label. Another word to define.
You cannot be a definition. That definition is meaningless. A concept means nothing.
More words to confuse one another.

Where is the experience?

Close your eyes. Close your mind. Close your senses. Feel. Experience.
That is “you” without using the meaning of the word “you.”

I am who I am?
You are not!
“You” does not exist. Another label. Another concept. Another word. Separation is the illusion of not perceiving unity.

Who am I?
That word “I” does not exist because “you” is not real. It is just a verbal representation. A concept.

Who am..?
Now, we are getting someplace!

Then, I could discover that without words, there are no questions to be asked. Then, there is a new world to discover.
A world beyond words and labeling, a world beyond the domain of the unstable mind.


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