The dividing Omnipresent mind in the Ocean of life


In a windy night, Ananda was looking at the Ocean. He was feeling the wind, hearing the calming sounds of the Ocean…

In a moment, Ananda lost the consciousness of being part of that “movie,” where there is no difference between the seer and the object being seeing; the difference is lacking because there is no dividing thought in between.

That realization was so strong that Ananda changed his ways. He became a Guru without wanting it. It just happened.

In that realization of “union,” some have created a religion called “omnipresence.” A name was given and thus separation arrived.

Ananda’s experience became the thing to defend as the “new guru” of that religion. Followers arrived. However, without the experience of Ananda; those followers merely recited the concepts of : “We are all One,” and “God is everywhere.”

On another night, Ananda was sitting by the Ocean again. He became mesmerized by that beauty. Ananda perceived a wave, Ananda saw how many waves made up the Ocean; a continuous movement. Ananda witnessed how a wave was being formed and then disappeared just to become another wave from the same Ocean.

Ananda called those waves “souls.” Those souls made up that Drama going on in that Ocean. High tides, low tides. High waves, low waves. Duality.

Ananda described those waves appearing as 3 different parts: Beginning, Middle and End.

Ananda went back to his disciples and told them that the Ocean is made up of waves. Every single wave is a human being, a soul. Every soul has a role. That role has a beginning. A middle and End.
God is the beginning of that movement of waves, of souls.

After listening to that description, one of his most logical disciples, Bro. “Addition,” said:
“Ananda ji, you are contradicting yourself. First you mentioned that we are all One. Now you are saying that we are all waves, souls, many. That is not logical.

I followed you for many years, but now I think that you are making up a totally different religion. Seriously.
You are confusing our logical minds. Spirituality is simple and you are making it complex.”

As life is, “Bro. Subtraction,” created his own religion out of that Ananda’s latest realization. He called it a “personal God,” the “creator of waves in the Ocean of life.”

Bro. Subtraction had many followers. Those followers didn’t have the experience of Ananda, but they used the concepts of : “God is a wave. You are a different wave,” “We are all waves, but God is the Supreme wave.”

Bro. Subtraction and Bro. Addition had the most unbelievable debates, where their logical ego minds where displayed. Many were following this as it was amusing to them and at the same time gave them something to “believe in.”

Two religions were created. Religion “Add” and Religion “Subtract.” They gave the “opposite” teachings and use to refer to the perceived opposite teaching as “poison.” “Don’t dare to take that poison” was their mutual line. 🙂

Ananda went to the Ocean once again.
He understood that His perception couldn’t be put in words. His perception was merely misunderstood by those who never had the experience but were following Him because of his “wise words.”

The Ocean is there. When Ananda is not there for his consciousness is in union, there is only oneness. On the other hand, when Ananda is aware of himself there is a separation. When Ananda is aware of the movement of the Ocean of life; Ananda can see many things making up that Ocean, many waves.

A dividing mind creates conflicts, creates definitions. Creates religions and dogmatic views.
A dividing mind can only see “logic,” when there is more to it.

Brother Addition and Brother Subtraction were referring to the same thing under different perspectives, different experiences. However, in their “truth” of division; they could see only opposite views. Those brothers were attached to pictures, when the Ocean is a “movie.” Nevertheless, a movie cannot bring the full experience of feeling the wind, smelling the waters of the Ocean and seeing the sky reflected on the water.

The full experience comes when we can experience it without words, without thoughts.

Spiritual knowledge is beyond that duality and can see more than logic. It can see paradoxes. Rather than dividing; it multiplies by embracing all, by accepting all.

The experience is what is important. Ananda’s experience cannot be put into words and if they are; then they will be easily misunderstood by those without that experience.

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