Comments on Avyakt Murli – June 2, 2013

The Renunciate and Tapaswi children are always close.

Note that in these 2 short Murlis, BapDada is explaining the meaning of certain “keywords” used in BK language regualrly. Without the experience of what BapDada is talking about; those “keywords” are interpreted in devotional, bhakti language.

Renunciation is one of them. It does not mean to reject things or to give up things at all. That is the “bhakti” definition.

It is a state of consciousness beyond the duality of the mind, a state where there is automatic absence of desires. If there are not desires, then there is nothing to renounce. We don’t get to this state by “forcing ourselves into it” and then “put up with something.” No! That is masochism.

BapDada explains that by experiencing the qualities of the soul (peace/bliss) which He calls as being “merged” into the Father’s love or the embodiment of knowledge; is how that experience of spiritual renunciation comes without a compulsory mind.
To be able to transform, to be able to accommodate, to be able to experience this stage of inner peace constantly, is how others will feel an experience automatically. It is not by “doing things.”

That is the significance of being a world benefactor and self benefactor at the same time.

Points from first Murli:
-The vision and attitude of World benefactor: To transform anything “bad” into “good.”
-This is also the meaning of self benefactor.
-Stage of being close to BapDada: forgetting the past then we will “pass.”

Second Murli:
How to become a world benefactor

The stage of a world benefactor is the stage of experiencing peace and super sensuous joy (bliss) by being beyond sound.
This is inner silence.
BapDada is asking us to have a balance between the state of silence and non-silence.
In silence there is lees expenditure. In non-silence, it is the stage of “doing things.” (typically known as “service.)

According to time, there is the need to experience that powerful stage of being a world benefactor (Peace) This requires “time” to practice.

Personal meeting:
The stage of being a server, includes the one of being a “tapaswi” soul. That is those who are merged in the qualities of the Father.
To be a renunciate in spirituality is to be beyond thoughts, that is the duality of “good thought” and “bad thought” is not there.

That renunciation is non compulsive but it is obtained through the experience of being an embodiment of knowledge and being merged in the Father’s love, that is through that experience of inner Silence/Peace.

A teacher is someone who is a server. Renouncing the “position” (ego) means to attain a fortune.


  1. avyakt7

    🙂 When the baby cries, she wants her baby formula and Daddy will bring it… When the baby grows up, she needs to learn to prepare her own meal herself.
    To believe that All BKS are at the same level of Spirituality is not to acknowledge the single most unique thing in this knowledge: NUMBERWISE.
    Those who have ears…
    Best wishes!


  2. Nidhi

    Om shanti
    Plz explain this….
    Question: While living at home with your family, what method should you adopt so that you become ever-healthy?
    Answer: In order to become ever-healthy, always say: “Baba, Baba. I want to eat with only You, I want to go around with only You.” Hand over everything to Baba with your intellect. Have the consciousness that you are being sustained by Shiv Baba. Do not have attachment to anything. Offer everything to Him and eat according to His orders and everything will become pure and you will become ever-healthy.


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