Reader Remark: Is Milk Satvic?

Milk is considered as Satvic food. But in olden days the situations were different. The cows were given pesticide-free fodder. First her calves were made to drink the milk then the remaining was used for human consumption. But now a days the cows are fed with pesticide contaminated fodder (lab test have proved that milk contains harmful pesticides), the cows are injected by hormones to stimulate them to give more milk (studies shows that this type of milk put negative effects on physical and mental health) and cows are kept in dairies in unhygienic conditions. IS THIS TYPE OF MILK CAN BE CONSIDERED SATVIC ???

Dear soul,

Great point! and a great illustration for those who are adept into “following everything to the dot.”
Times change and thus when we have understanding and knowledge we can make the needful changes and optimal desicions.
As BapDada has mentioned in an avyakt murli: teachings are according to times and circumstances.

If someone has his own cow in his own stable. ( a stable stable) 🙂
then, that of course could be considered Satvic. On the other hand, if you are like the immense majority without the luxury of having a cow as a pet… then, we better eat grass instead (vegetables)… 🙂 for as you mentioned that milk that we get may be a threat to our health.

Here an article along those lines of interpretations:

Best wishes!

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