Going deeper into predestination


According to our consciousness, then that will be our understanding.

The above is a “mantra” that will get us away from basic concepts such as “right” or “wrong.” With a deeper understanding of knowledge, we realize that ultimately whatever we think that we “do,” we do it to ourselves.

Do something “wrong,” you will experience the consequence of that. This is what we call to “learn from life.”

If your “doings” affected someone else; you will get the result as well. That is why, the word “other” does not exist in practical Spirituality; and “self” is all there is; until it dissolves into Oneness, the Drama of life.

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” makes greater sense now. It is not about pretending that the “other” is like “me.”
“Know thyself” is not about knowing what “I like and dislike.”

Predestination is a feared word because “my doing” is not really mine. “I” don’t like that. “I” want to do things the way “I” like them.

This is the time when “free will” was born. Forget about the circumstances of your birth and how much input you had. Forget about the things that you have experienced in life, which you did not program to happen.

Believe in it… All it takes is to believe.. 🙂

Then, we have the “fatalist ones.” The “easy riders.”
“If everything is predestined, then why do I have to make “spiritual effort”? Things will happen anyway.”

Great! You found out that you don’t do things. You found “non doing.” That is an important key to understand deeper spirituality. Congrats! 🙂

The issue is that you haven’t found that great answer by experience; but merely by using your conscious intellectual understanding, and because of that; there is the “I” willing to do anything to feel alive. Your finding is not congruent with what you feel, then there is a conflict.

Finding that we don’t do things, but the doing happens through us is a very important experience to feel. In that experience, there is automatic arrival. No more struggle to “make effort.”

We hear that “God does through others,” but still we believe that it is “me” doing.
We hear that we need to be “detached observers,” but still believe that it is “me” observing “others.”

With that kind of consciousness, there will be just misunderstanding.

Because some can only see the duality of predestination and free will; and perhaps recognize that “predestination” is more prevalent; then we could see the fact, that “I am not doing things.”

We can see that “I” is an illusion due to language. “Doing” is an illusion of the mind. Things happen through us.
Become aware and practice “non-doing.” However, if you decide to “do” 🙂 … then, become detached from “doing.” 🙂 That is “do actions for the sake of it.”
Isn’t that a line from BapDada? Then, this must be a BK teaching, right?

Non –doing and doing are just levels of consciousness. Pick one. You will miss the other side.
Embrace both, you will see totality. The Unlimited.

The reality of “being an non-being.”

If you did not understand the above, you are OK. Perhaps the above explanation wasn’t too good. But, if it is in your “fortune” you will understand… 🙂 If you did understand … great!
Don’t practice. Become.


  1. avyakt7

    Thank you, dear soul! I appreciate your continuous enthusiasm…
    The avyakt7 role sometimes comes up with stuff which is beyond “my” understanding…


  2. vvrisor

    Very great CHURNING, read, read….and reread…..then you will understand the essence. WONDERFUL avyakt7 for providing the SOULs with RAYS of Spiritual Reality!


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