Sharing of book and Question for June 10, 2013 Hey just started reading this book today. Just read a few pages till now but it resonates. Thought to share

Dear soul,
Thanks for sharing it. Below is a link of that book which worked better for me. If someone does not have time and wants to get a feeling of the book, please read page 63 to 67.
Also, a link to a bio of the author, Tom Shadyac is added. He has been around in the world of the “rich and famous” and then decided to simplify his life…the spiritual bite.

Best wishes,

Dear soul, How is it that us souls are programmed to forget our past lives after taking a new costume, however some souls are able to remember their past. How does that happen? Is there any explanation given in gyan regarding this? Or can you share your thoughts please? Many thnx

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
To remember and to forget are part of the Drama of duality. “Actors” do it in a numberwise way (That is Gyan) that means that some will forget more and others will remember more.
Nevertheless, whether we remember or forget, we will bring with us our previous pearls and baggage as well.

Best wishes!

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