Explaining Numberwise in a “newbie” language.

Dear brother, I have searched through your wonderful blog under ‘numberwise’ and am coming up with loads of pages of info…..where it is mentioned. However would you be able to explain that in a newbie’s language for me please? If all souls are equal how and why is this numberwise ‘decided’? Have you already given a summary somewhere? I would so appreciate your sharings on this. Many thanks dear soul!

Thank you for your great question!
That is a challenge, I must admit.. but here it goes…
Dear soul,

There is no definition for “numberwise.” There is no concept, which could explain “numberwise.” Even Sakar Murlis do not explain that. Although, if you like concepts, explore the word “entropy” and lose yourself in it to only have an idea… 🙂

In the Murli, there is just the phrase “numberwise according to effort.”

Then, we think that it is indeed a matter of “effort” to accomplish something, sort of like training for a 100 meters race. The one who trains harder and “smarter” (we say) is the one who will win the race.

We do not realize that training can only improve whatever “gifts” Nature has given us already, which is beyond our hands. That is Karma, we say.. but underneath that karma, there is destiny.

Please watch this movie of 8 seconds, for at least 20 times. At the end, you will understand what “numberwise” is… or your money back.. 🙂

See how day light changes into nighttime? Every bit of change happening means the “doings” of actors in the Drama.

In 3 seconds in this movie; you will see so many differences are happening. In 5000 years, those same differences will happen slowly.

Imagine an actor appearing at a particular time in the movie of 8 seconds. The ones who are closer to the beginning of the movie (day) have a “higher number” than those who are appearing towards the end of the movie.

That is numberwise.

In this knowledge, conveniently we believe that actors who come at the beginning are much better off that those actors who come only at the end, or that actors who like to “sleep” longer in the soul world are missing “play time” in the physical world.


Every soul is eternal. Roles run through us to make those changes in the Drama just like in the 8 seconds movie.

Every role is important as it is, for otherwise; there wouldn’t be a smooth change, a subtle change a nice “transition,” in the Drama.

Yes, all souls are “equal” but every soul has a different timing to “act.”

Conveniently (for “effort making “ purposes,) we have made the ones in the beginning of the movie “better” than the ones at the end.

There is no one who decides “where” you act. It just happens automatically according to the capacity of the soul. That is why, we are part of the Drama and not separated entities proud of being “I” and “Me” and “myself.”

Which capacity?
The capacity to endure duality. Your capacity for happiness is equal to your capacity for sorrow.
Your capacity for experiencing soul consciousness will be equal to your capacity for experiencing body consciousness.

See? That is “equality” in the Drama.
Equality in being numberwise.

The soul who created that 8 second movie, is doing great service…without knowing about it… 🙂 Thanks to this movie we can understand better this knowledge. These are things non existent back in the 1940’s.

Best wishes!

Here is the link of the movie (in brackets) [http://youtu.be/l8uwg0CvjyQ]


  1. puresoul

    om shanti, greatting of love and respect to all souls
    i would add this explantion that is there already in quran , the holy book of islam, ‘ur effort is so diffrent , and ur effort will be seen” the effort in beeing soul conscious and closer to god will creat something in the futur that all can see physically.and so numberwise is the basis of creation , i think
    om shanti


  2. vvrisor

    It’s our misunderstanding of the word “NUMBERWISE” as “RANKING” that causes the misconception. Thank you avyakt7, for the clarity, that you gave with the help of the illustration, that makes, particularly the NEWBIE SOULS and gives them a new insight on the ‘mostly misunderstood’ coined word “NUMBERWISE” in the DRAMA.


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