“ME and OTHERS:” The greatest illusion


When we have the knowledge of the Drama, which is the subtle movement of the current of life from seemingly opposite but complementary polarities, we could appreciate roles enacted by beings; that is us; human beings.

That inner “being,” is known with many names: soul, spirit, atma, living force. Choose your religion, you will find a label.

That “subtle energy of life,” is not divided in many pieces. It is One. However, because it is expressed through many beings; it gives the appearance that it is embodied in many beings. In other words, our bodies give that energy the appearance of individuality, which is further expressed by a personality.

That is how the illusion becomes a reality.

Nevertheless, according to our consciousness; we could see “division” or “unity.” It is the reality of One which perceived as many.

When we look at another human being, we are capable of distinguishing a different body, a personality and ways of behavior. We call that the “other.”

There is a division. “Me” is born out of that perception of being different.

However, in the Drama of life; we can understand; that pre-ordained roles are enacted through human beings. A Personality is a role and so is the behavior.

Therefore, we could even go further and say: “A human being is not the body.” That human being is not the personality or behavior either.

And we conclude, that a human being is really a metaphysical being, a soul. 🙂

However, this conceptual idea will give us the same perception as with the body; that is “I am a different soul than you.”

Please see the fallacy of this. All I am doing is transferring beliefs, concepts from a body to something, which I conceptualize as a soul. Just changing words.
Still ego remains for there is separation.

The concept of “ME and OTHER” or “I and YOU,” are just dualistic concepts.

THE SOUL IS BEYOND DUALITY. That is why there is Oneness.
THE SOUL IS BEYOND TIME. That is why, it is eternal.

Therefore, any dualistic concept which we could pretend to dress up as soul consciousness is inherently flawed.

Male and female. Duality. If we perceive that, we are not in soul consciousness.
Me and Other. Duality. If we perceive that, we are not in soul consciousness.

Please note that to know a CONCEPT is not the same as experiencing the thing.

Male and female are concepts. The experience of male and female energies brings the natural state of complementary energies; that is unity; but any concept of separation is part of the conceptual mind, the ego.

“There is a soul in a female body with a distinguished personality.” That description is part of the role. Still we have not reached the “being,” the soul or the spirit.

The moment that we perceive that being, that soul while we are in that same consciousness; then at that moment; there cannot be separation. There cannot be individuality; for paradoxically, even we could perceive ourselves as individual souls; for a soul there is no such a thing as “individuality” for that brings duality and then, the experience of soul consciousness will be lost.

A soul is beyond duality.

When we realize this convoluted “reasoning,” (not logic) what could be the “reasonable” behavior then?

Appreciation of the unique role performed through every soul… and love from soul to soul.
Love from the soul, the heart and appreciation of the unique part.

If you are doing that already, the forget about this writing. Throw it away. No need to figure it out.

Here is the simple example to illustrate the above.

I “do” something to “other.” There is a return from that doing to “me.”

If what I do, comes back to “me,” then where is the “other”? 🙂

That is the “illusion.”

If I truly see others as “souls,” how can I say that , they are different than “me”?

How can “I” do something for “them”? 🙂 How can “i” help them? 🙂

However, when we talk, when we express through language, we need to use those concepts.

If we get caught up in concepts we will miss the “boat” of self realization.

If we self realize, we realize the “other” as well.. then, we could appreciate his/her unique “performance” in life.


  1. seeker

    Dear soul,
    It is truly said that Sadguru helps at every step in different form which can be anything- a thought, a person or a piece of writing. This writing is going to help me I know, when I am ready to understand it from within. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Thank you


  2. avyakt7

    Thank you dear souls!
    This writing and the one on “being and non-being” are two of the deepest ones shared in this blog. Glad to know that you appreciate them.

    Best wishes!


  3. vvrisor

    Wonderful……avyakt7 for taking the SOULs deep……. into the GYAN!
    “THE SOUL IS BEYOND DUALITY. That is why there is Oneness.
    THE SOUL IS BEYOND TIME. That is why, it is eternal.
    Therefore, any dualistic concept which we could pretend to dress up as soul consciousness is inherently flawed.”
    A Very good churning to do, by all the SOULs.


  4. seeker

    Cont… one more thing, if there is no separation, then why one has to love (what is the definition of love-is it non-dual or dual) why cant one be just an indifferent witness?

    Thank you


    • avyakt7

      Dear Seeker,
      Experience that stage by no thinking. Love is a natural expression of being. There is no witnessing without that expression of love…It is natural.


  5. seeker

    Dear Soul,
    Ever since I have gone through Ashtawakra Gita, I am in a great confusion. How can I “practice” as a witness,unless I am a realized one, where it comes automatically? Duality teaches me that every soul has a role as well as positive and negative are one and perfect , of which it is concluded that “I am not the doer”. Then how to figure out when I am a doer and I am not a doer? The danger about this may be that if i do wrong I can say ‘I am not the doer’ and ignore the self analysis or churning.
    For example , If I get angry,which is the manifestation of ego then that also is my role?OR it doesn’t matter if I get/do not get angry as long as I am aware?

    Thank you


    • avyakt7

      Dear Seeker;
      You have arrived at the greatest point in your life. Stop thinking altogether. It is the time to go into Nature and let that energy come into you. Learn the practical Ashtavakra by observing Nature, by understanding without thinking. When you reach the state of gentleness and you are able to feel and to be that gentleness rather than “perform” what you think it should be, then you actions will flow accordingly. To “do” is a consequence of to “be.”

      Also, bear in mind; that saying ” I am not the doer” will not mean a thing. You can only not be the “doer” when there is no “i” in you as “ego.” Otherwise, the law of karma will show you what “you” did wrong. By saying “I am not the doer,” is showing that there is “i.” 🙂


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