The ever changing Truth


What color is the sun?
it is the million dollar question
the right answer, will get the prize
there is no “catch” in disguise!

It is red! No, yellow …
it is white as light even mellow!
those were the common answers
moving the voting pole as dancers
even orange named as a color
gave the contest a bad odor

Religions and philosophies appeared
supporting their own ideas
“Sun is red,” had greater appeal
that belief was a big deal
“Sun is yellow” had the proof
but it was nothing but a goof
“Sun is white” had no bite
among the big ideologies in fight

The contest came to an end
the judges delivered their mend:
“single answers are good but delusion
together they bring the right conclusion!”

The Sun has all those colors
for time is the incognito victor
squeezing that beloved truth
as a boa constrictor!

The truth is not a still picture
hidden in concepts and definitions
the truth is beyond all traditions

It is a continuous movie
on how a red Sun becomes orange
from light white and then yellow
just to unite all thinking fellows!


  1. avyakt7

    Thank you dear souls!
    We can learn all about this knowledge by just observing Nature.
    Nature is always teaching us that any conceptual rigidity cannot be the truth, for there is always change…and change as a concept cannot be the truth either…For, if there is the concept of “change” there is the concept of “stillness” as well. SO both are true…:-)


  2. joseph t d

    very good, thought-provoking concept about sun–never thought in this line. I can use now this start a conversation with others before sharing BK gyan! Thank you for this interesting post


  3. vvrisor

    Yes….”The truth is not a still picture……It is a continuous movie”…..and the eternal drama continues….


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