Question- June 19, 2013- The paradox of Oneness and Individuality

Om Shanti Dear Brother you say the subtle energy of life is not divided in many pieces. It is one. Does that mean Brahma and Shiva are just roles and not two different souls? If two souls are not different then how is it that the experiences and feelings of one soul are different from other souls at the same particular moment of time. If that living force is One then how is it that at same moment of time but at certain place that living force is in the state of Soul / Original Consciousness and at some another place the same living force is in body consciousness. Thank You

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question.

Please read again this reply written to a smilar question than yours.

The challenge of communicating some of this information is very steep.

This blog is being read by many individuals from all walks of life. Not only BKs.

As such, the spiritual knowledge shared here is not the “traditional” 7 day course and “black and white” concepts for, realizing BK knowledge without the devotional and ritualistic factors; will give you a different view.

Dear soul, This role is not “against rituals and devotional views.” This role accepts that (if that is important for some) but at the same time acknowledges that there are other view points as well where other individuals may understand and appreciate spirituality.

In these sharings we are finding out that there is something called a Paradox.  That word has been used a lot in this blog. As a matter of fact, it is my understanding that many souls including BKs are appreciating the extent of that concept.  The same thing with “numberwise” and “entropy.”

Those concepts have not been explored in depth by a typical “7 day course,” for it could become confusing for some; I suppose.

However, in this blog we can realize that addition and subtraction are not the only mathematical operations. Why become stuck in adding and subtracting only; for the sake of “simplicity,” and so “everyone could understand,” when there is division and multiplication as mathematical operations?

This blog is merely showing that. Some may understand, some may not. Many could say that because multiplication and division are not taught in BK knowledge, this is not BK knowledge . 🙂  For that, I just have to say:  “Time will tell.” 🙂  If you want to  add 108 times 8, go ahead. I rather multiply  108 x 8.  Same result, however.

Spirituality is ONE, not many; but viewed from different perspectives according to roles and understanding.

With this lengthy introduction, let me just go back into the “basics” to answer your question.

Is the Drama one or many? 🙂

If the Drama is one, and roles are pre-ordained through that One Drama; that means that ONE manifests into many (souls) right?

A soul without a role is like a “sleeping beauty.” There may be individuality but not consciousness and without consciousness, no one is there…  🙂

You see many roles and many souls. I see ONE DRAMA (One living force) being interpreted through many souls.

Both perspectives are right.

This is called a Paradox. 

Body consciousness and soul consciousness are just “consciousness” dictated by a role at a particular time.

There is “no consciousness” and “consciousness.”  (Being and non-being) Within that consciousness, there is soul consciousness and body consciousness.

Why is all of the above important, and why not just stick with the “basics”?

Because the “truth” is beyond the “basics.”

To understand that, will give us the openness to acknowledge different view points, so to defend a particular religious ideology is no longer the point… but the point is to “see” Spirituality in all different views. Just like different souls expressing different roles; which paradoxically go back to Oneness of the Drama, the living force.

Best wishes!

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