Question – June 21, 2013 – About Evil Spirits

Om Shanti, Dear Brother is the part of evil spirits haunting somebody fixed in the drama, or it is something that can be avoided? Do evil spirits really exist? One of my bk friend says that the part of evil spirits has begun now as a large number of unnatural deaths are occuring nowadays. Is it so? Thank You.

Dear soul,
Everything that can be perceived is part of the Drama. Evil spirits are not evil, but challenging spirits. They challenge what we would like to accomplish. To “avoid” evil spirits is part of the Drama as well, if it is in your “part.” Otherwise, that is known as “settling a karmic account,” which will allow you to “avoid” this challenge at a later time, even in another life time.

Just become aware that these challenging entities exist. Just do a search on “evil spirits” on the blog to find other articles, or better yet, the keyword “ghosts.”

Here an article:

Those spirits “parts” have been in existence for 2500 year now and so “unnatural death” as well.
For a BK, it comes the part of settling karmic accounts now and that may be related with these entities/ghosts/spirits. Having the “evil spirit of lust,” is another kind of “evil spirit,” and perhaps the one that most BKs will experience.

Best wishes!

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