Comments on Avyakt Murli – June 23, 2013

The basis of world transformation is transformation of the self.
Original 1/22/77

The essence of this Murli is self –transformation. That self transformation is what will bring world transformation. To be “essence-full” is to self transform, for to be “essence-full” as BapDada defines it, is to be spiritual.

This is why, BapDada mentions that we should have the awareness of being incorporeal and corporeal at the same time. Both (teaching of being and non-being) This practice will make the differences between saying something and actually doing it. BapDada calls this sanskara of promising things without fulfilling those promises as “devotional sanskaras.”

BapDada mentions that to be “essence-full,” that is spiritual; means to become a constant fragrant flower. Beauty and color of the flower are characteristics called by BapDada as being “sensible.” That is someone who has sense, who has knowledge but not the practical aspect of it. Also, BapDada distinguishes those flowers who are “essence-full” only while in front of BapDada or the instrument souls but then after that, they become ordinary.

BapDada mentions that a determined thought is important in maintaining this awareness of being incorporeal playing a corporeal part. Self transformation needs to be in place in order for the Drama to change. That is to be detached from the body by considering ourselves to be a “foreigner” actor acting in the stage of the Drama.

BapDada will continue this theme of self transformation in the talk with Didi.

Destruction (establishment) and transformation of the self are related. There is a timing for that. For that reason, rather than concentrating on the date for destruction, BapDada emphasizes that we need to concentrate in a date for self transformation.

BapDada mentions that the easy way to make “intense effort” is to have a determined thought that we are not bodies but souls.
BapDada’s definition of being a knowledgeable soul is to be “constantly happy.”

In the talk to teachers, BapDada mentioned that service takes place through thoughts, words, and actions; all at the same time, in the same second. BapDada would like for instrumental teachers to be engaged in this type of spiritual service.

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