Question- June 23, 2013 – Dealing with relatives about BK lifestyle

I am totally tired of my close relative who always ridicules Brahma Kumaris.He openly calls BK as a “lowly” and he wants me to leave BK. He tells BK is an organization propagating nonsense things like celibacy. He is my close relative and I can’t argue with him.Every time he comes to my house,he spends at least two hours advising me.Even my parents do not understand me and force me to leave BK.They think that my life will be spoiled.They tell that I’m too young to understand and decide on these things. How do I deal with my relatives and parents? I’ve tried to explain about BK in all ways, but in vain

Dear soul,
I took the liberty to change one of the words (“lowly”) you used in your question when your relative described BK. It is good to express but let us use finesse in that, alright? 🙂

You are the same soul who asked the question about celibacy the other day and you are 20 years old. It appears that you live in Chennai, India. It appears to me that you are living in your parents household. I am assuming this by a cultural understanding of the settings in India. If you were coming from the USA, you could be living on your own at that age.

I need to write the above about you so there is a better feel of what I will be sharing.

If you live on your own and you are capable of sustaining yourself and you are an “official” adult, there is no need to give any explanations. Save your words.

If you live with your parents, then it is wise to acknowledge their views. If they allow you freedom to go to the BK center and you like that, great… keep doing that; but be aware that if you push their limits, you will be in trouble.

Explanations will not work, because there are opposite view points, unless you are willing to compromise.

Many individuals like to come up to conclusions when they perceive a behavior which is different than mainstream. If your parents are hoping that you will bring grandsons to their life, then there will be issues. That is their own expectation.

Just take it slow. One day at the time.

Last but no least; “my role” here is not to defend a particular religion or ideology. I am all for spirituality.
So, to be fair; Brahma Kumaris’ teachings have been of great help in my life- in my “childhood” stage of spirituality. Without that influence, I wouldn’t have been able to reform myself and to be able to see what I was. Nevertheless, as a child grows up, the baby bed becomes smaller and what has been learned becomes the “new” column to support a “new” life, a new way of seeing things and to accept on going challenges which will be dealt with spiritual understanding.

Best wishes!

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