Question- June 26, 2013 – Power to control

Om Shanti. Sweet Brother could you please elaborate on Controlling Power. Thank You.

Dear soul,
Thank you for your good question!
It is a simple question, but in fact; it could be deep as well.

First the dictionary meaning of the word “controlling.” Present participle of “control” – verb.
1. Determine the behavior or supervise the running of.
2. Maintain influence or authority over.

As we can see, the word “to control” means to influence, to dictate. The question is: Who is controlling who?

Usually, person A is said to control person B. This is regarded as unfair even though person A may have “good reasons” to do so.

A Father controlling his child is to be seen as positive, normal, “good,” etc. However, there is the element of “timing” in that. When the child grows up, that child will resent that control of his Father when the child realize that he is being controlled.

In Spirituality, the word to “control,” has been used by necessity to explain things in a simple way, but it is also a way to fragment our personality when we understand that it is “I” controlling “me.”

There this “higher” “moral” “I” who controls the lower impulses, the “lower me.” OR, there is a “code of conduct” which should direct my behavior and I must follow. Therefore, to control myself means to follow those directions.

The power to control means to follow a behavior deemed as “moral” or “good” despite the “lower” impulses of the self.

Please see that by using these terms; “lower” and “higher,” there is a comparison going on, which is unavoidable to make a point, to be understood; nevertheless, there is no such a thing as a “lower behavior” when we understand the necessity of things to be as they are in the Drama of “action and equal reaction.” Paradox.

Let me give an example.
Conquering sex lust.
We can say that we need to use the “power to control” so we maintain celibacy at all costs.
If someone cannot “do this,” that person is labeled as “lacking the power to control” or being “weak.”

Note that this “control” is in reference to a behavior, a code of conduct to follow. A reference point believed to be good, positive, etc.

To use the “power to control” simply means to stay away from the vices; a vicious behavior in order to reform the self.

Spiritually speaking as long as there are vices in us; we will need to “control.” Once a vice is realized; there is no need to control anymore, for our behavior has been reformed, unless we “fall into entropy again” through our careless behavior and then we will go back into the “controlling” cycle.

It is important to mention that to “control” the self is a necessary step in the recognition of vices. However, it shouldn’t be the end result of our spiritual endeavors to live in constant phase of “controlling” the self.

Control should bring “no need for control” as we progress.

Best wishes!

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