Why don’t you change?

After studying so much Spiritual knowledge. After being able to talk about different philosophies and religions and share their main ideas and beliefs, all I hear about from most everyone is “how to change the world.”

Popular songs have been written about that. However, I don’t recall a song sold in the market or played in the radio about transforming the self.

Probably those songs don’t make any money… 🙂

Below is a short video by J.Krishnamurti.

In this video he succinctly gives 3 reasons as to why we don’t change.
1) Because we are not serious about it.
2) Because we don’t care.
3) Psychological conditioning.

Points #1 and #2 are easy to pinpoint in ourselves as long as we are honest. Many times we follow a spiritual path out of convenience, out of “getting something” or some other reason dealing with the “I” and the illusion of the fulfillment of the “me.”

However, point #3 is truly important to understand.
We behave the way we do because of our traditions. Because of our beliefs. Because of the things that we have learned and the experiences that we had when looked at from a fragmented personality.
That conditioning is not allowing us to see beyond.

There is the conditioning of our thinking. Our “normal” way of seeing things through the lenses of the authority, the leader, the boss, etc.

There are the religious dogmas as well. The psychological support that they offer which is helpful at one point in our lives but it will become a source of attachment and dependency at other times. This duality needs to be carefully observed. The same thing with any sort of philosophy which frames our vision of the world under a certain lens, the “right” lens which is to be proven insufficient at other times when the world and time changes.

To be stuck in a static vision and belief. To feel that “I have the truth,” are just illusions of an egotistical mind.

Something continuously changing, cannot be framed under any thought or concept, including the “me” concept or “I-ness.”

Freedom from all of that is to be free.
Wish you freedom.

Best wishes!

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