Spirituality without limits: More changes on the way ….

Avyakt7 had the chance to consider his current spiritual life after celebrating his spiritual birthday a couple of days ago. Avyakt7 noticed different changes. He noticed growth.

Since it was mentioned here that all spiritual knowledge is the same but viewed from different perspectives, I would like to be congruent with that assertion and to have the chance to experience spirituality from a more ample perspective now, beyond the views of a particular religion for the common good of everyone.

For that reason, avyakt7 has decided to change the title of this blog to Experiencing the depth of Spiritual knowledge, as to invite anyone to participate in this blog and to be open to different perspectives.

Therefore, avyakt7 thought about sharing 16 aspects which he has found in his spiritual life concerning his Brahma Kumaris experience in the last decade.
This will be the last sharing on this site dealing specifically with my Brahma Kumaris experience as to open up spirituality for other perspectives, vision and angles.

Will be sharing next week other articles as usual.

Here is my list. Hopefully it will be beneficial for others.

1) If I am still comparing myself in any form with others as in: “I am better than, more elevated than, etc.” I do not understand this knowledge deeply.

2) When God is praising me as the most elevated one, that is not to compare me with others so I become his favorite but to rise up my shattered self respect from many other births.

3) To be equal to Father Brahma does not mean to imitate or to repeat what all he did, it means to liberate me from my own limitations and complexities, to emerge my unique potential.

4) Numberwise does not mean a “ranking” as “you are better than me , because you are purer” it means that there are different sizes of “glasses” or containers. The capacity of one container to be full with happiness means the same capacity to be full with sorrow according to time. Therefore, the question of who is better than the other one does not arise. Pure today, impure tomorrow according to capacity; that is the game of the Drama. I do not hold on to a picture of a particular moment but rather look at the whole movie.

5)Paradise and heaven are words which only represent a perception according to experience and role in the Drama. Today is hell for some and heaven for others. To be beyond that duality of self and others, paradise / hell and life /death is to understand gyan (knowledge) deeply. There is no time which is “better than” another. There is only “now.”

6) No one at this time is worthy of worship. Instead of being impressed about other’s roles, I become the best friend of my own role at this time. This role which allows me to understand this knowledge but which will not experience the Golden age and all its splendor. With this mercy, I know myself and learn to love myself completely. My role yearns to experience its golden age now, not after I leave this body.

7)Yoga is good. But to understand my own emotions and inner weaknesses so I can observe them is what will allow me to emerge my divine sanskaras (personality traits) for a long period of time without further effort.

8)To eat food prepared by a pure yogi is fantastic but if this yogi is experiencing
repression, fears, guilt, jealousy and is emotionally challenged; that food prepared and shared will not be nourishing for others. Therefore, I make sure that my space for nourishing myself or eating is a sacred space so I could have the chance to transform that “tremendous” energy. I need to learn to do that for myself without further supports.

9) Defending the Yagya in Wikipedia is a task for few, but remember that you either have to be “100% bad” or “100% good.” To pretend to be “good” will not work because that is dishonest. Many do the talk but very few the walk. There is karma for individuals as well as organizations. Yet individuals may assume organizational karmas.

10) God does not belong to any religion or corporation. God has many facets according to the variety of children. Therefore, I become open and let life dictate my next move. If I am honest with myself, success is guaranteed. I will be able to flow with the Drama.

11) God does not make differences between his children. If I have a gold ring and someone else does not which is coming from an institution, then that is a difference. We could say that it is just an acknowledgement of the duration of time someone have been in serving the organisation, but that is not consistent. If I wear white robes to differentiate myself from others, as being more elevated there is a distance and separation in that. Unlimited service to the common good is incognito.

12) Spirituality is not related with devotional practices. There is nothing devotional in transformation of the self.

13) I believe in eating healthy vegetarian food items, waking up early, a celibate life style and to love Nature, the world and God. This code of conduct does not require a reminder or someone to check on me.
I strive to acknowledge what is common in people to unite them and appreciate what is different among people. Different does not mean “lower than.”

14) If I have the picture of a regarded higher up but that higher up does not have my picture in turn, what is the meaning of a family which only goes in one direction? If I need to forget the lokiks and the world, but at the same time I need to look for them when I am ill or in need; that means that everyone is important in life. Therefore, I become a VIP for my own self and see a VIP in others without distinction. I strive to live my life without needing the approval of others and without judging others. I am unique but not special.

15) When I listen to Knowledge- it could enter in me in 3 types of containers according to my consciousness. The intellect, the heart or to be visible in my elevated activities. With the elevated vision of my own activities it becomes part of me, that is; knowledge is imbibed.

16) Brahma Kumaris is a source of reformation of the self. It is a challenging journey. As I move from the child stage of spirituality, openness, acceptance and good wishes for all will become the means to take me into a different spiritual experience. Brahma Kumaris is a great path for self reformation. However, every path is individual. Because we are numberwise there cannot be 2 paths which are alike. To enjoy the process of transformation is to enjoy the changes in life. Acknowledge, accept and move on.


  1. puresoul

    dear avyakt 7
    congratulation for ur status, !! you are already an angel of Baba
    the service u do , is a call of the time


  2. avyakt7

    Thank you very much for all your support and kind words!
    Enjoying a couple more days of vacation time. 🙂

    There is a new domain name: avyakt7.com
    SInce most spiritual names have been taken already, it seemed congruent to use avyakt7 instead, in this way; there will be no doubt that avyakt7´s sharings will be here without any specific religious view.
    The old one bkgyan.com will be working for another year as well.

    Will resume on Monday or Tuesday…

    Best wishes!


  3. Eva Szauter

    Dear Divine Brother , many thanks for your sharing . I have listened to your wise words and I’m grateful for your courage .You have been that shining light who allowed others to transform in their own time . Your big heart , pure and loving nature only sees oneness .Looking forward to your newness .

    Sending you acres of good wishes and blessings .


  4. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti dear divine brother.

    As usual, the churnings are very good. You have more or less summarised all your previous postings in this one message. i have read it again and again. Thanks a lot.

    Regarding consuming food prepared by others – yes, for me, it was a tough maryada to practice..i am surrounded by people who do not believe in BK gyan nor do have any respect for it… And whenever i had to eat outside (vegetarian food without onion ad garlic) i would come back home and attribute all my waste or negative thoughts to that food. 🙂

    Once i felt like BapDada asking me whether i was more powerful than the food that i ate outside or vice-versa. i understood and took the message from the murali, ” You are the world transformer, can’t you purify the food that you eat?”

    Then on, (with some exceptions though :))i focused on empowering myself rather than feeling bad for eating out side even though it was not a frequent affair.

    Now i realise that when we are sincere in our spiritual endeavour and can not follow a particular maryada because it is beyond our capability, we can still make progress.

    i wanted to share this point as quite a few BKs are facing this problem. But those who do not have any obstacles to follow maryadas can not give excuses. 🙂

    lots and lots of love for all the dear family members,
    Gayathri ben.


    • puresoul

      dear brother,
      i iick ur churning also, and feel happy , very happy to be on this spiritual journey. in islam, the call to the 5 prayers,starts with “ALLAH AKBAR”: god is greater , bigger!( than all we can imagine, and he can containe all his children , no matter what! as the mother does

      it is a pitty that some BK souls, may consider them self better, or VIP; cos this is anti logical of the gyan
      our spiritual transformation is unic, and belong with its uniqness to a much bigger transformation
      we should never loose the bigger image , the bigger family

      om shanti , and namaste


  5. bims01@aol.com

    Thank you for your thoughts and observations, they are very helpful to my own journey!
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


  6. bloggyhead

    I was deeply impacted by eckhart tolle who i actually discovered throigh u. I listen to his tapes on youtube and his book “a new earth” is a must read. But the point being is that he is influence by so many teachings, he quotes the bible, the tao te ching, bhagvad gita etc.
    and it just has auch deeper impact on me amd is easier to grasp.
    But also a lot of his teachings can be said to be brahma kumari teachings repackaged.


  7. ram

    “God does not belong to any religion or corporation. God has many facets according to the variety of children. Therefore, I become open and let life dictate my next move. If I am honest with myself, success is guaranteed. I will flow”

    love it…. I’m sure true spirituality goes beyond labeling and limitations of organizational structure and identifying yourself belonging to a spiritual organization is a form of ego. all the best..


  8. vvrisor

    Very refreshing and thought provoking post Dear avyakt7.
    This SOUL fully agrees with your churning and realisation to change the title of the BLOG to ‘Experiencing the depth of Spiritual knowledge.’
    Very Very refreshing to experience….it is a drop of water for the thristing SOULS in a desert. Hope to see more thought provoking posts from the SOULS in search of REALITY in this rejunevated blog.


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