Announcement and Questions

Dear souls,
There is a new name for this site: “Exploring the Depth of Spiritual knowledge.” Therefore, here we will explore different views from different religions and different philosophies, different perspectives. It is my experience that spiritual knowledge is the same but yet different for it comes from different views and experiences. When we acknowledge those views, magically that openness will help us to understand our own faith. How?
Because when we see something from different perspectives, we can have a more accurate picture. A higher understanding.

Questions and comments are always welcome. Hopefully those questions will be for the common good of all.
That is your part, dear reader.

The domain name to find this website has been changed to to reflect that change, although is still up until May of 2014.

Best wishes to all!



1. om shanti brother , it been long time you share post on the site , we are always eagar for your daily enlighted post.

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words.
Avyakt7 is back! 🙂 Avyakt7 will resume writing tomorrow. Look forward to seeing what the role will write.. 🙂
Please note the new domain name: which will replace the previous one as part of the current changes.

Best wishes!

2. Sister Shivani said that when we are letting off the things like – insulting behavior, pain, sadness by believing that these are the reflection of our own karmas. And by letting off we are settling our karmic account. Q1But does not it mean that even if I also insult someone then also I might think that I am settling into the account.. Some day the receiver would have also given me the same energy and now I am reflecting the same upon him/her?? Q2 what about that person’s karmic account who is insulting me ??? At the same time I am settling my karmic account by letting them off but that person is increasing his/her karmic account isn’t ?? Then what is the solution for this ?? – KK8

Dear soul,
Let us not confuse ourselves with more concepts and theory. You will settle a karmic account when whatever is happening no longer bothers you a bit, that is, there is no experience of duality; that is neither attraction nor repulsion. You will be neutral and thus capable of sharing your loving self. This is to be a detached observer.

Increasing your karmic accounts is not “bad.” Nothing is “bad” in the unlimited Drama nor good. It is neutral but we perceive things in duality (bad and good.) As a matter of fact, when we are honest in our spiritual endeavors that “increase” of karma may be a significant factor in settling other karmic accounts later on even the one which was not settled before. You may learn this through your own experience.

If you enter the ocean with high waves, you will be acting foolishly if you walk straight to let the waves of the ocean hit you so others can see you that you are not afraid of the waves, to look “strong,” or for other reason. This is the “straight” black or white knowledge of settling karma. If you dive underneath the waves of that ocean, you will be safe and will pass with “honors.” This is a lesson from Nature which applies to our own spiritual nature.
We need egoless-ness to do this. Less ego means less karmic accounts.

Best wishes!

3. Omshanti: I want to know that if I can still read the murly and remember baba without following all shrimat. I am really confused in my life.

Dear soul,
Don’t confuse yourself. Do as you can according to your capacity. To neglect yourself the experience of reforming the self is to close the door for further spiritual experiences which will come at your own pace as long as there is honesty in your heart.

Best wishes!

4. Om Shanti. When i am siiting for meditation in front of red light ( the oval shaped red Light bulb type brought from BK centre) than i am foccusing on that bulb only and projecting my thought to that bulb only.And sometimes feeling that rays of light coming out from that bulb to me. here i am exchanging the energy with this bulb only thinking this as SIV baba. Is it ok…Plz guide me.

Dear soul,
Meditation is to move your consciousness to a different experience. There is no need of a light bulb to remind you of God. If God is in your heart, then connect with your heart. Let the feelings flow without other external things.
When you learn to ride a bicycle, little training wheels may be needed. If you depend on those training wheels, you will not know what is like to ride a bicycle.
Best wishes!

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