The Third Eye

In Spirituality, many times the words “Third Eye” are used. What is it?
I found the explanation of Sadhguru from the Isha foundation, very interesting.
He explains the significance of the third eye but also explains the meaning of the different chakras while an individual develops his/her spiritual life.

Obviously, what he explains matches in a way my own experience which was explained here:

For those who would like additional information about the chakras, you could find that information here:

Why is it important to know about the chakra system? (7 main chakras)
Because those are energetic centers of the self. Through those centers we could “ingest” energies or vibrations as well as to send that energy out. Thus, we could protect ourselves by closing those at will, or we could work on a particular chakra to allow for the energetic channels to “open up.”

When these channels are “clear,” there is the experience of bliss or peace, which may last for a small period of time, until we find a way to “clear” the issues. Those issues are usually psychological or emotional in my experience.

As we experience our own spiritual development, we could experience in which chakra we are located in that evolution at a certain time.


  1. avyakt7

    When you receive the email, if you have subscribed; you will only see a picture. I will try to see if I can add a link without that converting into a video in this website or the email… I may put it in brackets and then you could “cut and paste it” in your browser. However, if you come to this website to checkout the videos, you will not have any issues… 🙂


  2. wendy

    TEchnical question: The videos just appear as pictures. Click as I may, they do not move..Is there a trick to it? thank you.


  3. T D Joseph

    I agree with you. Since each chakra is associated with certain qualities, meditating on a particular chakra will improve the corresponding quality. For example, AGNA chakra (which is at the forehead between the eye-brows) is said be the seat of wisdom and purity. Meditating on this chakra helps to develop those qualities, and also helps the mind’s eye to see your dream and directs you to them.
    Thank you for posting this!


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