Question on being satisfied and being content

I’m Never Satisfied Because I Know I Can Do Better. In professional life this line is said many times. An artist says that ‘I have not yet created the painting that I want to make it.’ What does that mean?? It mean that unsatisfaction leads to man where he wants to go? What is contentment and satisfaction. I hope you understand the question because my hands are tight in English.:-)

Great question!
Dear reader,

Contentment is referred to the experience of the inner self and inner fulfillment by just “being.” The keyword is “being.”
Spirituality teaches us that “being” is before “doing” and “having.”

Thus, when the experience of “being” is not complete, “having” and “doing” to fulfill our “being” will be pursued.

The mental game of “tomorrow” is very deceiving. Tomorrow I will paint my greatest painting. Tomorrow I will be satisfied because I can do better. Note how we compare all the time. (Now with tomorrow)That comparison does not allow us to enjoy life in the “now.” We believe that being a “doctor” in the future is “better” than being a student “now.” That belief has a limited vision. “Now” has its own beauty which may not be there tomorrow.

The cycle of looking to be satisfied by having or doing is just the game of a dog chasing its own tail.

Note how our society exploits this “satisfaction,” so there is always something “better” that will come tomorrow and that we need to have it so we can be “part of it.” Better technology, better health care, better things which will lead us into greater satisfaction…But when the time comes, that reality is not like the dream we had, what we thought it ought to happen. Temporary things will always bring temporary satisfaction… until we decide to look into the “time-less” that is the inner self as the “seed” of everything which we want to build in this life.

Best wishes!

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