Reasoning needs to finish to understand Spirituality

mathias (2)

This is the talk about “Spiritual matters” between 2 friends, Mathias and Ananda.  The talk started with the recognition of fear and how an intuition is related with fear. As the talk went on, “reasoning and logic” turned that friendly sharing into some sort of “debate,” where listening to another in the light of self observation was forgotten and only intellectual concepts took over.

Mathias: Fear creates suppositions, suppositions create wear and tear in the self; that break down will finally exhaust you.
Precaution and intuition does not trap you in that state of mental exhaustion.

Ananda: When a person says that intuitively she has to leave from doing something, that intuition gives her fear to leave right away….
Mathias: That intuition is not intuition. Intuition is something fast, instantaneous. It doesn’t give time for doubt.

Ananda: An Intuition could be mistaken?
Mathias: If that intuition does not go according to your wishes, then for you it will be a mistake, but if it goes according to the Universe it cannot be a mistake.
Ananda: Then, an intuition could be according to the Universe or according to our expectations?
Mathias: Definitely.

Ananda: If I am afraid that a dog will bite me, and I want to get out from it, then intuition appears….
Mathias: When there is fear, there is no intuition. When there is day there cannot be night.

Ananda: Interesting…
It seems like fear is what is making us suffer..
Mathias: When there is intuition there is no fear for a few seconds but because an intuition is so fast, then fear could come.. That is why intuition needs to be followed by action because there shouldn’t be an empty space after it.
Intuition is quick. Fear is slow, long.

Ananda: But..fear is a thought, right?
Mathias paused and realized that Ananda kept asking questions without considering and observing in himself the answers that he was getting, then Mathias decided to discourage Ananda’s reasoning by asking unrelated questions instead. This is what is known as “Koans” or riddles or mental puzzles, words just to exhaust the reasoning ability of someone who is trapped in concepts which will not allow that person to “see” without limiting definitions.

Mathias: Is the day an action?
Ananda thought that question to be weird, it was not related with the talk at all but Ananda answered Mathias’ question anyway.
Ananda: The day is an action? No, it is not an action.
Mathias: The night, is a state of consciousness?
Ananda: Yes and No.
Mathias: To lie is an action or an alternative?
Ananda: It is an alternative.
Mathias: It is not an action?
Ananda: No, I have not performed an action.
Mathias: When you lie, you create karma?
Ananda: Yes.
Mathias:What is the meaning of karma?
Ananda: Action. But I have not performed an action…
Mathias: It is an akarma then?
Ananda: It is an akarma which could have consequences…
Mathias: There could be consequences when there are no actions?
Ananda: No.. There cannot be consequence when there are no actions… but to lie, you say it is an action, but I am not doing any actions..
Mathias then finally replied:  Mathias haven’t said that.. Mathias only tries to make you tired until he can speak with you.
Ananda smiled nervously and said…OK
Mathias further added: Mathias only wants to speak with you.

Ananda is full of concepts and has a “debating” attitude. It is about demonstrating who is “right.” He has a conceptual answer for everything based on reason and logic. However, his learning in life is based on experiences and not in mentally understanding concepts. Mathias words are helpful as long as Ananda can see those words in himself and not when he separates those words as mental concepts.

The “problem” of  Ananda is the “problem” of most intellectuals when dealing with Spirituality. Learning about life and the self is not “book learning.”  To debate about who is “right” means very little when it is about knowing the self.

Ananda: I want to understand, that is why I ask questions..
Mathias: It is not from the game of reasoning where you could understand. You will only run around like a dog chasing its own tail until you get tired of it…But when you get tired and sit down and observe, you will understand.

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