The conceptual World and “I” separates the World

The following reflects 2 different views of truth. Very interesting.

First, we have Mr.Steve Jobs. He is an “icon” of success in the USA. The former Apple CEO, had an interesting life. He shaped his world. He manipulated it because he realized that “Everything you call life was made up by people not smarter than you.” Therefore, you can embrace it, change it, improve it.. make your mark on it…because the world is messed up in a way…
Notice that Mr. Jobs realization about a conceptual life that is limiting us, is very spiritual indeed.
Interesting to know that, Mr. Jobs went to India to find “enlightenment” in her younger days.

Mr. Jobs approach was to “change the world.” That was his truth.
However, notice that the way we change the world will reflect the way we are. In other words, don’t expect that someone who is a “go getter,” who is looking for “profit” and that is all about “beating the competition” will change the world in a gentle, compassionate way… šŸ™‚ their concept of “improving the world” is based on their perspective of the world.

Anyone who is for the “motto” of changing the world without first changing the self, will try to make the world an extension of himself.Ego.

If you want to know how spiritually evolved someone is, just hear the “noise” that they make while speaking. Note not what they are saying but how they are saying it. The way it sounds to the ears without decoding the words, their voice inflection, the all embracing “vibe” that they send out…All of that gives you the “truth” behind the words… šŸ™‚

In this video we have Zen master Jinen. He is hinting that “truth” is to find yourself and everything shows you who you are, so you can learn what truth is. That truth is non conceptual. It cannot be put into words and in that truth there is no separation. Everything reflects who you are.

Therefore, to think “me” and the “world,” is separation. To change the world isolated from “me” is a conceptual illusion.

Even though his English is limited, there is a lot more talking about him which goes beyond words and concepts… šŸ™‚


  1. avyakt7

    Yes… and those who cannot understand that there is no separation, even though they have the knowledge of the Drama of Life and are stuck in individuality are seeing just one aspect of reality.

    As Zen puts it, it is not only that we are individual or united. It is both.
    Of course this will be difficult to digest by those trapped in concepts.

    Best wishes!


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