Asking questions: Is it “good or bad”?

Om Shanti, I heard from sister shivani that baba says In life kio, kaise kab no question just put fullstop. Whereas science discovery come from ‘question everything’ and their fruits we are using in our day to life. i am confused

Dear reader,

If you did not understand a class explained by your Math teacher, would you ask a question? 🙂
If you wanted clarification of a teaching by your Religion teacher, would you ask a question?
If your dog was hit by a car and the dog is dead now, would you ask why that happened to him?
If you missed your plane to go to “Happy Islands” would you search for reasons as to why you did not make it? The plane is gone. What is the need to ask questions? 🙂

As you can see, it all depends on circumstances and settings.

If you take everything literally, you will be experiencing only one side of things and lacking the other side. When you observe yourself while listening to spiritual teachings, you will find out what the teaching is referring to in yourself, without extending that personal teaching to everything in life.

Science needs to question things to find answers on how the world works in the material realm.
You need to ask questions to yourself as to how things work in your psychological realm.
There are no questions to ask when life is the way it is. That is what the spiritual teaching is telling you.

Best wishes!

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  1. Ravindra Pai

    Asking questions is useful if the questions we ask help us to get answers that help us progress in life. If we ask the right questions then we get the right answers. Waste thoughts start with asking the questions that are not useful for self or others. For example: why are they throwing garbage on the road? how could one be so rude? this leads in getting answers that will not help us. Instead in this scenario, if one had asked: what is it that needs to be done so that i can be of help to atleast reduce others throwing garbage on the road? or this one is rude, but how can i politely tell him so or this one is rude, so how can i respond that that persons rudeness?

    We ask questions to get an answer. Just like in google if you ask the right question you get an answer, in the same way if we ask the question to ourselves in silence, then through silence power we get the answers to the questions that we have asked ourselves.

    Just experiment and see the difference.


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