Relating with Relationships

In the topic of relationships, everyone has things to say about. 🙂
We live in relationship.

There is no living without being in relationship. However, the “other” could be hell and neediness becomes the greatest factor on finding that “someone” despite that hell.

Typically we see the issue in the “other” and never in us. Thus, the longing to find that someone “special” could be following these “normal” paths:

1) It could be a “job posting” such as: “I am looking for this and that in my potential mate. If you have these things, please apply. Applications will be considered after a careful screening.”
2) It could be a “killer hunt”- Fatal attraction: “I want him or her. There is chemistry between us. Nothing could separate us.” Wonderful material for a romantic story with lots of drama.
3) It could be a plain “cute puppy for a good home” ad. That is “take me before it is too late. I promise I will behave.” 🙂

We think that relationships are always in term with the “other,” but the self is forgotten.

In all of the writings/sharings in this blog, the importance of knowing the self, of having a relationship with the self has been emphasized due to its extraordinary importance.

As a matter of fact, let me share this about avyakt7.

Avyakt7 started his spiritual life in search for truth. That was all for him. What is truth? Who has the truth? I want the truth and nothing but the truth.
That”desire” took me into God… but that wasn’t all there was…
Finally I had to find myself. That is my truth. It was a search to the outside to get to the inside again. Full circle. That relationship was my path.

Below we have 3 videos about the topic of “relationship.” All of them are good. All of them have something to teach us. However, there is different depth in them which will fit different understandings.

The first one, is with Mooji. The second one with sister Shivani from the Brahma Kumaris and the third one with Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng,


(note: brackets are included in links for those receiving emails. Cut and paste the links without the brackets to view the videos.)




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