Question on Gambling

Does baba say that gambling is wrong

Dear reader,

If a recall correctly, there was a sakar Murli where it is pointed out as something which “deities do not do” as well as smoking and drinking.

From the perspective of general spirituality, we could see that in “gambling” we are using the energy of money with hopes of obtaining more money in return.
If you think about it, there is no difference between going to a salon to play dices and “investing” in a company by buying shares.

Some may say that there is a difference because you are using “educated” guesses based on “information,” based on “probabilities”… 🙂

You either know that you will win or you do not know. In this “black or white” scenario, an “educated guess” is “not knowing.”

If you know that you are going to win, then you are not gambling. You maybe cheating but not gambling.
If you don’t know the outcome and you are “playing dices” based on your lucky number or that you woke up with a “nice feeling,” then you may be simply throwing away the energy of money.

Playing the lotto is gambling as well. Two dollars or 200 dollars is the same concept with different amounts.
The law of karma plays the same “game” and doesn’t look at the bill to make its “move.” 🙂

Understanding the law of karma will make you “wise” without labeling gambling as “good or bad.”

Best wishes!

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