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“Is it the “DUALISTIC” nature of a “SOUL”, that makes IT, to think in terms of “TRUTH”, rather than exploring and experiencing in terms of “REALITY”?”

Dear reader.
Duality is an experience. Nothing more than that. It is neither bad nor good. Just an experience.
“Truth” is a dualistic label for there is falsehood. “Reality” is a dualistic concept as well, for there is “Illusion.” However, when we look beyond mind-made concepts, there are no words to express what we find, BUT when we want to describe this finding to someone… we must use dualistic words to explain. That is the problem of using words in spirituality.

In my experience that “reality” or “truth” or “wisdom,” or “oneness” or “emptiness,” or “God,” or “divinity,” or “soul,” .. Am I forgetting any other label? 🙂

All of that is experienced by BEING that. There is no separation, no duality there.

A Brahma Kumaris or someone for a monotheistic religion will probably say: “He believes in omnipresence, he has probably changed to a new age religion” 🙂 Avyakt7 feels inclusive not exclusive. Please see that we are just being caught up in words, in concepts.

Every religion merely explains that “mystical” experience in their own words. Buddhism may use “emptiness,” Sufism may use “beloved,” Bk-ism may use “Baba,” Zen may use “reality,” etc.

Cleaning our minds from all those concepts is important to be free, so we can experience the experience without the parameters of concepts and the expectations that those concepts bring. The “truth” cannot be a static concept, a definition.

Below I will repost the video that Bloggyhead shared with us. It is worthwhile to listen to it without paying particular attention to the words used but by recognizing those words in our own life experiences.

Notice the words used to explain the experience of non separation, or oneness. Those words are also mentioned in BK knowledge (but with different words) when we understand the concept of the Drama and roles at a more refined level. If there is no ego, there is no separation. Roles go by and the “being” observes. Detached observer. That is all.

Best wishes!

“I want to ask were women not used to get pregnant in satyuga?”

Dear reader,
In Sakar Murlis Baba mentioned about the “palace of the womb.”
Best wishes!

“brother as you have experienced avyakt milan in madhuban , can you please explain what exactly happens during that time, who enters gulzar dadis body, where does gulzar dadis soul goes, how are avyakt milan dates decided?”

Dear reader,

In my experience, there is definitely a being of light there. A divine being. My experience is explained here:

I don’t know the details of your question. I will not know unless Avyakt7 was Dadi Gulzar. Dates are easily decided by just asking, for that connection could happen at any other time.

In my experience, there are other beings of light as well. Other divine beings who are helping us in this path of self-realization, silence and harmony at this time. That is the “Godly team.” 🙂

The “Hua Hu Ching” CH 59 explains this.
Best wishes!

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  1. Jayesh

    Om shanti,

    As per the question of dates of Baba Milan… Once I heard in the class of Gulzar Dadi that, at the end of every season in Baba tell Dadi that in the next season how many times he is going to come and on the basis of that all the preparation are made accordingly for each group to come in madhuban.


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