Questions on marriage for people following celibacy

Dear brother, i am a bk brother who lives in laukik family and feels to share love with a good girl. Is going for dating good for me?

Dear reader,
No one but yourself has to decide that. However, in spiritual knowledge there are some general guidelines to keep in mind.
1) Your thoughts, your words, your feelings and your actions have to be aligned. If your belief system tells you something which you have in your thoughts, but your feelings are telling you something else; do not expect for your words and actions to be consistent. You are scattered and thereby, you really do not know what you want.

2) If you do not know what you want and act out of an impulse, you will make mistakes.

Therefore, see in yourself if you have achieved that consistency within you.

3) The law of karma can only “give you” something which you deserve. “A good girl,” is a “good label.”

Once you sort that out in your life, you may get the answer.

Best wishes!

hi brother, in today’s murli baba says:” Shaadi is barbaadi”. However, there are many BK who have to live alone in laukik and where they may feel the need of a partner to live a secured life. Under this condition, is marriage a blessing or a bane?

Dear reader,
I don’t know Hindi. Your belief tells you something. If you live with your family you are not alone. If you live with a group of people, you are not alone. Marriage in itself is never an issue. The issue are the people involved in it.

The issue (in your belief system) is if you have conquered sex lust. The issue is if you have conquered attachment. The issue is if you have conquered loneliness. Then, marriage cannot be an issue, but you will be the blessing itself.
Circumstances in life may change, but as long as you are aligned within yourself, things will be fine as well.

Please see the answer above as well.

Best wishes!

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