I believe in my beliefs


This is a “normal” conversation:

Andy: I believe… that today it will rain.
Ralph: But the weather channel mentioned that it will be a bright, sunny day…
Andy: Yeah, but the weather channel is known for being way off their forecasts…. I don’t believe in them anymore.
Ralph: But their forecasts are made after careful consideration based on past data and observation with the latest equipment. Their chances of giving the ‘true facts,’ are higher than a belief.

Andy: That is your belief! My belief comes from my hungry guts… You will see….

Ralph: But what about if your belief is “wrong”?
Andy: My chances of being “right” are higher than the one the weather channel predicts…
Ralph: I don’t think so… because…

This conversation went on and on… the day became very cloudy. It didn’t rain but neither was shiny…

A belief system is sort of like a fortress of ideas and words surrounded by a changing reality and perception of it.

A day could be cloudy, a day could be bright and shiny, a day could be rainy; a day could be a combination of all.
A belief system does not have room for that change, for that movement which is inevitable.

Without this understanding, all belief systems are always rebuilding itself as their perceived reality cannot be static.

People change, ideas and ideals change. When our destiny does not agree with a previous belief; there is a need for a change.

Belief systems are not only philosophical or religious. A belief is anything that has precedence in our minds than life itself.

Any idea, any wish, any thought which directs our being into a particular delineated direction.

The range of a belief is immense.
This is my belief about the Pope. This is my belief about life. This is my belief on how we ought to behave. This is my belief of what is right. This is my belief of who I should marry. This is my belief of God. This is my belief about me.
My belief is the “truth.” Their belief is “wrong.”

It is important to see in ourselves all the sets of beliefs that we hold on to, in a dearly way. All of those ideas which have the power to direct our lives in a particular direction.

Nevertheless, as life changes; as our “reality” transforms in front of us, we could stick to an outdated belief.

What we believe is powerful, although still a belief. 🙂


  1. goks

    very true, each one has their own beliefs..
    I am still not able to believe the 5000 years cycle because of lack of evidence and logic !


    • avyakt7

      Great! The trick is to look at ourselves and to find all the other beliefs that we carry with us, which lack evidence and logic…and at the end, we will need to get rid of evidence and logic as well, to be free of the belief that those things are needed! 🙂


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