Practical Spirituality in our daily life


Once our minds are free from concepts, we have the “reality” of dealing with life as it is, that is waking up, eating, sleeping and relating with others in a day-to-day basis.

Spirituality then, arises from the time we wake up. That is, how enthusiastic we feel, if we have that zest for life and if we enjoy our little morning rituals to get ready for the day.

Eating is another dimension in itself. Our own well-being will create the proper atmosphere to ingest physical nourishment. That is complete purity. Food by itself does not determine purity but our state of being does that.

That means that our emotions and thoughts should be ready to feed ourselves.
In this way, we can see that nutrition does not deal only with the type of food items that we eat, but it is a wholesome way where mind, body and emotions are aligned.

One day a disciple asked his Taoist master, about his spiritual meditative practices. The sage responded:
” My practice is very simple. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep, when I cook, I cook.”

Behind those simple words, we could experience plenty of spiritual teachings.
Mindfulness, the moment, the now. Pay full attention to it, for every performed action will bring a similar action to be performed later and then, little by little; that becomes our own life of many years, which will become difficult to undo.

The moment that we choose to sleep is a sacred moment. We are giving away our conscious life back to life so we can recover and be completely aware the next day. This is not a small thing; considering that lots of individuals cannot sleep or do not sleep properly. Our minds, body and emotions need to be aligned in “sleep mode,” to sleep properly.

Of course, “in between;” there is life.
If we are not feeding ourselves correctly, if we are not sleeping well, we cannot hope for a full day of inner sunshine.

No matter how much we try to smile throughout the day, our vitality and strength will be gone.

To preserve our precious energy is truly important. In this respect we need to learn and choose the activities that we will perform throughout the day.

As we can see, life is an interrelationship of diverse activities. All of them are related with each other in a “domino effect” and the quality of our life, depends on our inner well-being.

This is more than physically exercising every day to “look good,” it is a balancing act, where our physical experience is meshed together in balance with our emotional life which is aligned with a clear mind.

This is known as being in harmony.

Our activities and the way we perform them, will demonstrate our level of spiritual growth. This is not a religious belief but true spirituality.

One comment

  1. vvrisor

    My learning point for the day:
    “we need to learn and choose the activities that we will perform throughout the day”.
    Thank you avyakt7.


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