Question on intuition

“Dear Brother, I must say this blog is the best thing to happen. People who have started their journey always end up in conflicting concepts and belief systems (thats how the journey starts i beleive). But this blog is awesome where anyone can share their journey and every journey is different as is the role! Coming to my question, I have the habit of churning the gyan that i read or listen (I developed it automatically, didnt plan it) and try to apply it in my life, I talk to god and god answers me, but i dont meditate as such on a particular time. My intitution has always been very strong even before i started reading about spirituality, Its like “Oh i knew this would happen”. But i have realised of late that no matter how intituive i am, i cannot stop certain things from occuring or let me put it the other way, how can i use my intuition to my and others benefit,i sometimes feel although i know the occurence of certain things, something pulls me back. Later, i feel whats the point of thinking now when i could not stop it from happening. please enlighten on whats intitution and how does it work? Om Shanti”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your kind comments. They are appreciated! 🙂
As you point out, every belief system; will have conflicting information, for the amplitude and changes in life as well as the magnitude of the spiritual realm cannot be confined with a description of words and concepts which will make up a particular view, with particular concepts which sooner or later will lead into a dogmatic view of life. Nevertheless, a belief system is a way to protect individuals in their “initiation of spirituality,” for it will give the support needed to start the growing phase of spirituality, which paradoxically; could be stopped by that original supporting belief which was helpful at the beginning.
Life teaches openness, amplitude of mind, acceptance..

In a few words, your belief will allow you to grow; but at the same time; your belief will stagnate you after the time for initial growth comes to an end.
A boy becomes a teenager. That is growth. If the boy behaves like either a teen or a boy as he experiences adolescence, he will not be able to be an adult.

As far as your question on intuition, I would recommend you to read this article:

Here intuition is explained.
Intuition is fast and there is a need to act right after it. Otherwise, there is an space for some emotion to appear, which will color that intuition. If you are intuitive about something that will happen soon, then act on that intuition if there is something that you could do; otherwise, consider that as just information. Some know about things after the fact, others may know before the fact. Therefore, “timing” of action is the important item.

Also, it is important to realize that many times we cannot let ourselves be driven by a feeling, which we may call “intuition.” The reason is that many times we are not in a “healthy state of being,” we could have bothering thoughts, feelings that are confused because of something and thus, at that point we need to recognize not only the feeling that we have, but also to observe the time and the circumstance as being appropriate to act, to be accurate.

Best wishes!

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