The Energy of Anger – Part 2


As mentioned in the previous article, anger is energy. Energy has the power to transform matter. This means that anything touched by that energy depending on the intensity of it, will be colored by that energy. If you are cooking, you will put the ingredient of anger in your meal. If you speak with someone in angry mode and that person is “unprotected” (energetically) that current will go through in the form of fear or further anger.

Please be aware of this: To say that anger is “bad,” is to go back into the duality of it. A person who has the understanding of things as being “good” or “bad” has the understanding of the level of spirituality 101. This is not “bad,” it means that it is a beginner understanding.

A little puppy is told “bad dog,” when we would like to correct the behavior of the puppy. Because the dog does not have complexes related with moral teachings; what the dog merely understands is: “do,” and “don’t do.” The dog does not comprehend the complexities of “heaven and hell” and “punishment forever… ”
We may need to learn from that puppy dog 🙂 and rather than qualify something as “good” or “bad,” just refer to that as “do it” or “don’t do it,” for in this way guilt and repentance are avoided, for we know that in spirituality, whatever we “do” or “don’t do” has a return; thus, it is wasteful to resort into meaningless thoughts, when we will have to “pay the bill anyway” or “obtain the fruits of our activities.”

“Not doing” is actually doing. Not acting is acting.

If we consider that anger is “bad,” we will repress it. In a few words, we will be allowing that energy to cause damage in our being. The “healthy” alternative given by “experts,” is to send it away, to “others,” in adequate doses, 🙂 to “express it.” “Experts” recommend to hit a punching bag or to go for a 15 mile run, dissipate that anger. That is to merely waste our own energy unnecessarily.

As we know, in Spirituality, the “other” is non-existent when it comes to karmic returns. Basically, that anger will just come back to the originator.

Therefore, whether we keep it inside by labeling it as “bad,” or whether we send it out by calling that “healthy” or “good,” it just comes back to us.

It is very important to understand that anger occurs because we are not aware of it at the moment something is triggered in us, and the ultimate reason as to why we are not aware, is because our state of being is chaotic. Something we will not hear from the latest M.D research or “expert” advice.

That is our mind is not stable and nourished with serenity and calmness.

Thus, we cannot expect a method to deal with anger when our minds are not experiencing continuous serenity.

On the other hand, if we nourish ourselves continually in the morning with the experience of serenity and lightness coming from Nature or by some tranquil activity such as meditation or a combination, then our state of mind will be tranquil; and when something may likely trigger anger in us, we will be able to recognize it and to feel the consequence of it in our own bodies and beings. It just takes a second.

The stove of anger is burning, but we keep putting our hands in it as an automatic, learned response. If on the other hand, we are aware of the heat coming from the stove, we will learn about the pains of being burned… which we call “living life,” until all of a sudden, we know better by experience.

If we awaken to the awareness of anger without labeling it, then we can transform that energy in us BEFORE it happens by being serene calm, observing it… until it goes away…
A serene, calm mind will feel the disturbance of anger and self correct by itself without the need of remembering “moral codes.”


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  2. gurpreet

    very beautiful…….it just takes a second……yes within one second you r this side or that side
    thanks dear soul for ur wondreful insights.


  3. vvrisor

    A serene, calm mind will feel the disturbance of anger and self correct by itself without the need of remembering “moral codes.”
    Lovely avyakt7.


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