Reader remarks: Understanding Spiritual experiences for the sake of clarity

“Avyakt 7, deep gratitude for sharing your experiences through this blog. Restating for the sake of clarity and my understanding from your recent posts. What I gather is that once the sex lust is conquered and one has learned to watch our movie as a detached observer and live life with greater awareness, clarity and sensitivity we need to have faith in Divine Energies and be open to the experiences this drama brings without fear and being attached to whatever practices/beliefs helped us reach this stage and also be aware that following certain beliefs (which we may have been following for a long time in this or even in previous lives) probably colored our perception towards certain things as good and bad i.e. ‘marriage’ or ‘sex’. We still need our own methods to clear our thoughts and be in tune with ourselves each would find its own method – one way could be spending time with nature and taking care of diet. One has to be honest and true and would know what stage you are in to see when to progress and not use this as an excuse to get out of practices which may be helping you immensely and are not easy for all to follow i.e. celibacy and Amrit Vela. These recent posts have helped me validate my personal experiences many many thanks.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your valuable input and kind words of support!
Life is immense, avyakt7’s experiences are not. This is one of the things that we may need to look at for further elucidation. Avyakt7 is not a guru, but Avyakt7 is a spiritual walker, walking a spiritual path which may not be the same for others according to our own personal stage and capacity.

Thank you for sharing your understanding. Please be aware that your understanding cannot define someone’s experience. Our understanding is always limited and cannot grasp the unlimited unless reasoning; logic, definitions, analysis; that is all of that which is the mind, is completely dropped and then, what is left cannot be put into words… 🙂

When a leaf is on a tree, the leaf has a sense of belonging to something greater to itself. There is a sense of protection. As we know, a tree cannot keep all its leafs in a particular way forever; for there is change. When the wind blows or when the tree by itself sheds its foliage, a particular leaf will no longer be there. Destiny may have placed that leaf on a river stream. That leaf will be fine in that river stream as long as the leaf remembers that a leaf can float. That same leaf will make its life miserable if it is attached to something which is no longer there, the tree.

If the leaf remembers to be a leaf, it will avoid being close to fire; for it knows that fire will burn it. If the wind takes the leaf far away from a tree, a leaf will survive by not opposing to it, just by gliding through the wind. A leaf can do this because it remembers that it is a leaf, but if the belief of a leaf is that it belongs to a tree to be complete, then that belief will bring suffering, for now (according to time) the leaf belongs to the wind.

At the end, a leaf does not belong to anyone but it is part of the stream of life, being a leaf when there is a need to remember that, and forgetting to be one; when the need arises. That is the teaching of being and non-being. It is the teaching which will free us from thinking that we are just one thing and attached to it, when we could be many …or nothing. It is up to our own awareness that we could see more or less… because our awareness is not complete we can only see one thing.

To take away the blindness away from our eyes is the task of the spiritual walker.
Being honest, sincere and true to yourself may be the best policy in life.

Best wishes!

One comment

  1. vvrisor

    Wonderfully summed up by the Reader….!

    YES, almost similar understanding for me and I was toying with a ‘feeling’ to cross check with avyakt7. But now, I got the answer!

    An example of LEAF and the TREE…… with such a great clarity, I experience, I was able to understand.

    Personally I belive, in this darkness of unknown ‘spiritual walk’, I got a ray, and was able to find a spiritual walker in the form of Avyakt7, which helped me to trace some footsteps to tread, and treading in his footsteps has made my walk less tedious….I wish and I hope, I will be able to walk through the journey as long as the foot steps are ‘clear and visible’ to me and when there are no traces of foot steps, I may have to put in my own efforts to tread the path and continue the walk in the journey of spirituality……..Thank you avyakt7!


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