Diverse questions by readers dealing with beliefs

1. “is that possible to transfer a one soul to the another body? even if the other body is alive? please give me a quick answer thank you.”

Dear reader,
That depends on your belief system and experience. What you call “soul” may not be what I understand and experience as soul. In some beliefs systems, it is possible but only for a few “selected ones.” In others it is not, and then you have your own experience. Let us say that a “ghost” or a spirit enters your body. Your behavior will definitely change and you may even feel things that you have never felt before as “real.” Nevertheless, a “soul” hasn’t entered you, but this is what you may refer as soul entering another body.

Best wishes!

2. “is it possible that two body can transfer their soul to each other? exchange soul for shorter? by dreaming only?

Dear reader,
Please see answer above.
If you are thinking about it, it may be possible; you may even have experienced; but from that to be “real,” there is a difference. “Reality” changes according to your state of consciousness.

Best wishes!

3. How will the entire process of destruction and krishnas birth and Baba revealation take place….When Baba says that those children who become bodiless in one second will go with me and the rest will be left behind, what does he mean???

Dear reader,
If I tell you “this is the answer, this is what Baba means,” would you believe me? Why?
Dear reader, Baba just teaches self-transformation. It is the same teachings with different words according to time and belief system. If you have not experienced the subtle self, the soul, the spirit; whatever name we want to use, you will not be able to leave your body in your last moment, without experiencing suffering.

Best wishes!

4. “I want to ask that we always talk about goal of human life is to reach enlightenment .But what happens after reaching enlightenment? Do we become the Master soul or what ?”

Dear soul,
There is no goal for a human life, but only the one that you believe in. You are just reaching your capacity according to time. The belief of a “goal” comes from the idea of “continuous progress” continuous evolution in linear time. If you believe in cyclical time, there is no point for a “goal.”
Enlightenment is important for those who have not reached that state, for whatever they think it means; once they have reached that state, it is no longer important.

When we are situated in the field of beliefs, all you will get is a belief. If I tell you: “For sure, we will become master souls,” do you believe me? Why? It is pointless. Spirituality is experience. It is not a belief.
Once you reach that enlightenment, then you will know what comes next. If you give yourself the title of “master soul,” then you have reached your belief. Names, titles, getting a higher paycheck…:-) all part of our greed and ego.

Best wishes!

5. “I have another question that can i settle my karmic debts in one lifetime or will i carry forward it into another life, how can i know that i have so much amount karmic debts please enlighten me on this topic.”

Dear reader,
All you have now is your life. If you can discover your karmic accounts in this life (meaning your weaknesses) then there is no reason or motive to either go to the past or the future. If we want to do that trip to the future or past, we will be again in the realm of beliefs.
Do you believe in me? Why?
Thus, enlightenment on this topic means to observe what is going now in yourself and how you are resolving those issues. The rest are just beliefs.
Spirituality is the ultimate knowledge to get us to know that ultimate truth, that is ourselves.

Best wishes!

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