Readers remarks, sharings and question

1.“Dear avyakt7 , first of all very thankful to your writing on the site which touches deep aspect of spirituality in every region . your answers of question are also so much helpful for a true seeker in this dogmatic religious surrounding.”

Thank you dear reader for your kind words. The aim is to share for the common good as everyone has to walk their own path in Spiritual life.

There are no books or practices to experience a different state of consciousness or awareness, but our sincere approach to experience spirituality for the common good will open the doors to something different.

A religious mind is a static mind, A still picture. To follow the dogma, the belief is the aim.
A spiritual mind is dynamic. Aware of the self under the background of the movie of life.

A religious mind has a reward in the future. A spiritual mind finds its own reward in the present. The now… for the “now” will be the future.

A religious mind is the first step of awareness towards finding Spirituality. Many times, that dogma, rigidity and self-righteousness are part of the process, as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The butterfly is no better than the caterpillar; just different stages of the same process.

The religious “doing” what is right will evolve into the spiritual “being” accurate, “being” right according to the movie of life and not the picture of the mind.

That is the change, the transformation.

Best wishes!


2. From a reader:

“This is an interesting reading for the no mind realization.”

Click to access whats-wrong-with-sample.pdf

3. “Brother Om shanti, What is your take on Dinosaurs, and other primitive animals? What do you have to say on radio carbon dating and its repercussions on the incidents of world history which states that the history of mankind is just lakhs of years old?”

Dear reader,

It seems that you are a new reader of this blog. Welcome! 🙂
This blog has changed its aim for the last 3 months already.

Avyakt7 moves as the wind. Today in this direction, tomorrow in another one. Still is the wind, but just in another direction.
Avyakt7’s current role is not to defend a particular belief. Whether that is religious or scientific. Those beliefs are of no consequence to spirituality.

How dinosaurs are related with Spirituality? 🙂

Dear reader, if you are looking for information, for intellectual stuff to defend a particular position, you could look at avyakt7’s earlier writings, by just clicking on the “scientific tales” tab you will find plenty about carbon dating, dinos and more scientific beliefs.

Hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes!

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