Harmonizing in the Jungle: Spiritual Work skills


A reader sent a question about “work skills” to be used at work. That question sparked the following article.

Spiritually speaking, a work place is like entering in a jungle.

In the jungle there are many different animals. Those animals have different hierarchies, needs, understanding and “corporate culture.”

A person understanding spiritual laws, will look at that scenario from the “big picture” in order to be harmonious. Harmony is the most important “skill” that someone could bring.

Your experience in a particular skill is good. You can type plenty of words per minute; that is great… but those skills are not enough to live in harmony.

There you have the monkey: Joking around, doing lip service whenever there is a chance. You have the Giraffe, extending its long neck to find out the whereabouts of everyone. There you have the tigress, expressing her raw power through bossiness.

You have the lion; who supposedly is the King of the jungle, but in the “corporate reality” may be just a figurehead. The Elephant may do the work of telling everyone what to do. His sheer size could scare other employees even though; his title is of an “assistant of the Lion.”

Every jungle has its own animals. We need to recognize that environment beyond the work titles and “official” ways.

For example, you may want to help a wounded deer, not realizing that a Cheetah may have done “work.” That deer was going to be the Cheetah’s meal! If you try to be “helpful,” you may gain an adversary. We shouldn’t assume things but always look for firm territory to step on; otherwise, if we are not careful, we may step on a snake or we may step on quick sand! 😦

Email is a good way to land in firm territory whenever there is a dispute. Evidence is always good to have.

All animals in the jungle make different noises. Our own noise should harmonize as much as possible.

Every jungle has a game to play, get to know it and play it well. 🙂

We need to learn to be small kittens so we could enjoy a good atmosphere around us. We need to be “big tigers” as well, by being intelligent, clever and by saving our energy as much as possible. Act only when necessary. Wait and watch the game.

Blend in, be part of it, play the game, enjoy it and at the same time… be yourself! 🙂


  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti brother. Yes, it is hilarious! Being a housewife, i feel that living with the lokik family also needs all those skills. Spouse, kids, grand children, parents, in laws, neighbours, friends, etc. make/ create our ‘jungle’. 🙂 One has to be ‘alert’ and ‘awake’ in order to lead a peaceful life. Actually, there is more ‘fun’ and challenge in the ‘jungle of thorns’ .. there is nothing much to ‘do’ in the ‘garden of flowers’. 🙂 Well, you may say that even now we do not need to ‘do’ much and all that we have to ‘do’ is to ‘be’.
    Yes, we are learning to ‘be’. 🙂
    best wishes,


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