On life and death


If you knew that you would be living eternally, would you be joining a religion? 🙂

Probably not. Salvation would be meaningless. Armageddon a “walk in the park,” Death will not be scary anymore. However, “Hell and Heaven” arrived and with that our interest in living in Paradise “forever” and rejecting Hell. Another Duality.
There are religions for many reasons: 1. As a belief system for those who need something to believe in before they die. 2. As a means for reformation, so individuals become aware of the existence of duality. 3 As a means of gaining greater consciousness.

Just to clarify, atheism is a belief system. A religion. Another duality.

Thus, according to your own consciousness, there will be a religion waiting for you to join.. 🙂

For the “normal” person, there is life and there is death. Simple facts. Society thrives on gaining life out of the “claws” of death. The enemy to conquer is death and our scientific improvements are allowing this “battle” to be a “hard battle.” 🙂

The duality of life and death has the same premises as the one of God end Evil. Another duality.

For someone with greater awareness, life means to die at every second. In this type of awareness, life is as a strawberry shortcake (my favorite cake 🙂 ) and as we live we eat pieces of that cake, until there is none. That is death.

That reminds me of Depeche Mode’s song “Fly on the windscreen.”

“Death is everywhere
There are lambs for the slaughter
Waiting to die
And I can sense
The hours slipping by

In this type of consciousness, we are aware of being an ignited candle, which will burn away, someday… And that is it folks! Hope you had a good time while lit! 🙂

However, if life is about dying, then dying should be about living… 🙂 Simple premise from the understanding of duality.
But I guess, this type of experience coming from the understanding of duality is not that easy to grasp.

Better believe in Heaven and to find your loved ones there, waiting for you. In that type of consciousness, some have wondered the following: What happens if Sam, married three different women. All of them passed away before him. When they go to heaven, would Sam join the company of the 3 women as wives?

This is when Christianity has the potential of becoming Islam in Heaven. 🙂

In the first type of consciousness, life is a still picture. Death means no picture.

In the second type of awareness, life is a picture, but a picture being torn apart, little by little as years go by.

There is another type of awareness taught by Nature. Here life is not picture, but a movie.

If you watch closely a Sunrise, you will see this amazing ball of bright light coming out of the sky. From our perspective, this ball of fire is no bigger than a basketball. This is the concept of a child.

As we grow up, we learn that there is a huge amount of distance, so the Sun is not of the size of a basketball, but it is huge… Of course, we will never experience that hugeness; but intellectually, we think we understand. In fact, we don’t.

The Sun will change colors and even its shape throughout the day. It even seems like the Sun is moving through the horizon. That is the perception. Then night comes and we see the Sun disappearing under the waters of the Ocean. That is death.

But it comes back again the next day. That is life.

Notice that in the world of forms, everything that exists is change. Our perception of that change from the seat of the observer, will be totally different than the experience of the Sun itself. That is, if the Sun had consciousness.

Peter is a 50-year-old man. Is Peter the same as when he was 10-year-old? What about 35-year-old Peter? What is “that” which makes Peter, Peter? : -)

If Peter has changed his thoughts, beliefs, body, behavior, that is his “form” throughout 50 years; How is it possible that Peter can call a picture from 40 years ago to be him?

Then only thing that hasn’t changed is his name, Peter; the label of the “form,” but in all respects, Peter from today is not the Peter from before. Do you see this?

Every thing has changed about the form.. . Everything but his own consciousness about this individual called Peter.

That consciousness is with us even when we are unconsciously sleeping. That consciousness does not require a form, but only to express itself in the world of “forms” and that is what we perceive.

That consciousness is the one which needs to awaken, so the Sun does not hold the belief of being just a “bright basketball,” because everyone around him perceives that about the Sun. Everyone has a “picture” in their minds about the Sun.

That is the mirage. Once the Sun becomes conscious of itself, then it can know its true size, color and destiny.

An intellectual could ask, what is the purpose, the reason of the Sun being there?
That is a meaningless question in the realm of life, but a question with a lot of meaning in the realm of the intellectual understanding of life.

There is no purpose, no reason. Only the one you give. All is Oneness.

Life is a dream. When dreaming, a dream is life. To wake up means to die from that dream.
Death brings life again.. and life, death. That is the duality of life and death.


  1. bloggyhead

    I remenerber alan watts saying that the universe is someone (brahma) dreaming. Reminds me of the movie inception. But the dreamer wakes up periodically, signifying the end of a yug. But then he thinks its too boring and goes back to sleep, creating all of life again in his sleep. Another belief/idea.

    But the main point is life means to us from the conciousness we view it. Like u said what if the sun starts believing that it moves around the earth and everything else that others believe and forgets its true nature. Thise exact case applies to us human beings.


    • avyakt7

      Great B!
      You got the point about consciousness. There are different answers, which will make sense to us according to our awareness, how open our consciousness is. 🙂
      All the best!


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