Electromagnetic radiation and its effects in our health

“Om shanti brother: I have read Energitic Nutrition – 1 on this site. I feel my body is too sensitive for EM Field/Radiation. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Please help. Om shanti.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your great question.
I am glad to know that you are taking advantage of the tab titled “The Awakening” by Mathias. The article that you mention is located there.

Last week someone asked about improving her sleeping habits in a spiritual gathering and now, you are following up with your question.

Most individuals at this time, are not aware of the damaging effects that cell phones have for the human being. I truly recommend that your bedroom should be completely free of electronic devices especially cell phones. Also, try to use a “hands-free” headset to speak using your cell phone. The radiation that your head receives is detrimental for your health.

The advice above is something that avyakt7 practices diligently.

Let me share some advice based on experience:

If you need to wake up early and need to use an alarm clock, just use one with batteries. The place where you sleep should be dark without any sort of EM source nearby. Last piece of advise, when sleeping your head should be located facing “North” and your feet “South.” In fact, North East is the most recommended position. If you have an iphone, there is a “compass” app that you can use to find out where “North” is.

Just imagine the terrible damage that is going on when you wake up early in the morning and still feel tired. Even if you sleep more hours to “catch up,” it will not matter; for you will feel weak little by little and prone to make mistakes throughout the day due to not sleeping well. In due time, that weakness of your body will develop into an internal inflammation: that is manifested as an overall feeling of exhaustion and if you go to your friendly Dr. Pill for his advice; he will probably give you something to “knock you out” at night; nevertheless; you will continue to feel tired.

Slow down at night, let sleepiness come to you while relaxing with soft music or by a brief walk around Nature.

As the article by Mathias mentioned, to be close to the Ocean is a good way of charging your own energetic field. A lake, a river could have the same effect; what is important is your state of mind. If you are in a calmed mood, in a good mood; you will be able to replenish yourself with negative ions and reverse the damage in your body\subtle body in due time. It will take time to reverse something which has happened over a long period of time.

Finally, allow you skin to breathe early in the morning, by allowing the beneficial sun rays to touch you. Allow your self to ride the wind like a Dragon, by opening your arms in signal of opening yourself to life. Look at the sky at night, to admire that forgotten twinkling star, feeling gratitude for experiencing life… and amaze yourself at the beauty and selfless love of Mother Nature.

Always go back to “her” to recuperate your health.

Best wishes!

PS: Corrected the position to sleep from “North West” into “North East.” My apologies. 🙂


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