Realms of consciousness – Part 2


If the first realm is about separation through thought; the second realm is about union through feelings. The first realm of thought is usually labeled as “male,” for thinking, analyzing, making inferences, using logic; etc. has been traditionally a male characteristic throughout time.

Feeling on the other hand, is a “female” characteristic. In many religions and mystical beliefs, there has been the interpretation that a woman is closer to God or to the Divine due to this characteristic. Nothing further from the truth. Just like there are many “brainy,” analytical, logic oriented females; there are many men who have developed their feelings. When trapped in the consciousness of the body, we only think in relationship of genders. We make that separation based on genders which is thought oriented.

Feelings are the way to get someone closer to that divinity, God, inner-knowledge, etc.

How can we say that we have love for all if we don’t feel it? We cannot “think” love to all. Feelings are meant to bring closeness. They are meant to break that gap of separation brought by thought and thinking.

To live life is to feel life. In that feeling there is interrelationship. Through feelings we can know about beauty, love, truth, bliss, peace, happiness.

None of that could be a thought, analysis, theories, etc.

Poetry is a song. That song transmits feelings through the sound of words. When we are touched by that music, we become poetry. That openness is needed. That is called sensibility. When we are sensible then empathy and appreciation appear. With that intuition.

Through feelings, the knowledge of “me” being different than the “movie” of life, is not felt; although it could be “logically” understood.

Nature or God could be good sources to develop those feelings when there is some apprehension to deal with other human beings. We cannot say that we honestly love everyone when we have fear to someone…. and when there is fear, there is no love.

Love to God is said to be a way to transform the self. It is, because when we feel deeply, we close that separation. That feeling of beauty will bring beauty in our lives. Once we know about that beauty we can only align with that. All the other things lose their meaning. This type of romantic love with the Divine, the “other” has been labeled as “pure,” “good,” etc. Through that experience is when we know the duality of “ugliness/beauty,” but the inner work to understand this goes beyond this level of consciousness.

In those feelings “we are,” we exist because of someone else. Our tremendous love for Nature could be as intense as someone’s love for God. Then, we are living, feeling, breathing because of that “other” thing.

“I live only for God.” “ God is my everything.” Sounds pretty good, until we discover that the time to live for ourselves, to discover the greatness of our own existence is also important.

Living for others is a typical female characteristic which needs to be balanced with knowing the self.
Here is when the third realm of consciousness appears, the self.

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