Sleeping with the head pointing North and EM energy :-)

For those who do not have access to the ocean or lakes or rivers, a reader wrote the following:

“Avyakt7 just to add to the energy nutrient, for those who may not have access to a water body, what has helped this reader is getting rock salt structure and placing it at different points, i.e. in bedroom and near sources of EM Radiation e.g. Electronic Devices”

Thank you for that!

As far as the position of your head when sleeping, there has been variety of opinions.
As one reader pointed out, in India is mostly discouraged. Below you can have the information about it. It deals with the story of the head of a baby elephant who was sleeping facing North being cut off, to replace the head of Ganesha, whose head was cut off by Shiva when Ganesha did not allow Shiva to enter Parvathi’s room. Very colorful story indeed….A tradition which may have a profound meaning, but which is taken literally by many.

Avyakt7 has been sleeping with his head facing North for the last 2 months… That is probably why his writing has entered into the “head-less” realm 🙂

Nevertheless, for Chinese and Feng Shui, the head facing north is the way to sleep.

The information I gave about sleeping with the head facing North belongs to a Spanish “Geobiologist,” Mariano Bueno. Someone sent me the article of his interview and there was the first time I read something to corroborate what Mathias was relating about the danger of cell phones (despite the mainstream scientific belief of cell phones being “safe.”) Mr. Bueno from Spain, also gave the information about the way to sleep, which avyakt7 implemented. 🙂

I would suggest to try different positions and experiment. Then you will know for sure. Observe and see what works for you.

Below is part of the interview in Spanish with English translation: (Those readers who know Spanish could probably see that this is not a literal translation.)

Q: QuĂ© hace un experto en geobiologĂ­a? – What does an expert of Geo-biology do?

Estudio la influencia de las radiaciones terrestres sobre los tejidos vivos, sobre la salud humana.

I study the influence of terretrial radiations over live tissues on human health.

Q: ÂżA quĂ© radiaciones terrestres se refiere? – What radiations do you refer to?

A las procedentes de venas subterráneas de agua, fallas geológicas, grietas, subsuelos graníticos, campos geomagnéticos… Y las artificiales: tuberías, tendidos eléctricos…

The ones coming from subterranean water, terrestrial fault lines, cracks, granite subsoil, geomagnetic fields, and the artificial ones: water pipes, electrical connections ….

Q: Todo eso influye en mi organismo? – All of that has an influence in the organism?

¿Por supuesto! Y más intensamente en niños y personas hipersensibles.

Of course! and with greater intensity in children and hypersensitive people.

Q: ÂżDe quĂ© clase de influencia se trata? – What kind of influence?

De ionizaciones, alteraciones del bioelectromagnetismo natural de nuestras células.

Ions. Alteration of the natural bio electromagnetic field of our cells.

Q: ÂżBioelectromagnetismo? – Biolectric magnetism?

Las células intercambian cargas eléctricas. El flujo de electrones hace que tu cuerpo tenga magnetismo. Igual que el planeta Tierra, que es un gran electroimán.

Cells exchange electrical charges. The flux of electrons allow for your body to be magnetic, the same with the planet Earth, which is a great electro magnet.

Q. Con sus dos polos, norte y sur. – With both poles, North and South.

El magnetismo terrestre nos influye, sobre todo en las horas del sueño. Atentos: dormir con el cuerpo alineado con el magnetismo terrestre favorece el descanso. Cabeza orientada hacia el norte, pies hacia el sur: es la orientación más relajante, ¡descansarás mejor!

The magnetic field of the Earth will influence us, especially during sleeping time. Beware: To sleep with the body aligned with the Earth magnetic field will help you to rest better. Head towards North, feet towards South; it is the most relaxing orientation. You will sleep better!

Experience for yourself!


  1. ahnanda

    That is something written by Avyakt7 and not Ahnanda.Try it both ways and you will know first hand. 🙂 Let us know what you find.


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