Consciousness: Why some people achieve more and others do not?

“Dear Brother, After reading you blog on consciousness, i feel, being in body consciousness comes naturally to us while to experience that self inside takes lot of practice and effort. Why does that happen? At the end of the day i want to experience what i actually am. Why for some people its difficult to understand while for others its easy? Again is my state of consciousness, a role being played. If that is so, then don’t you think there is a bias. Regards.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for you great question!
Avyakt7 is sharing his experience, not the “truth.” Those states of consciousness could fluctuate. These sharings are meant for readers to recognize if they had the same experience, a glimpse or something like that. Avyakt7 is just trying to put that into words. These sharings are not meant for readers to “follow” those experiences and put beliefs in their heads of what they need to “reach.” This is not a game of “levels” where you get more points as you go “higher.”

Body consciousness is natural for us, because our consciousness is limited to that. Greater consciousness means to be able to experience different “realities” which will give us a greater openness to different views and perspectives in life.

If you understood the writings on consciousness then you will need to forget about body consciousness as being “bad.” It is not. It is just a state of consciousness. That is all.

Have you experienced other types of consciousness besides “body consciousness”?

If your answer is “no,” then how could you assume that it takes a “lot of effort and practice”? Please don’t put beliefs in your mind. Just keep it clear.

If your answer is “yes,” then you will know the answer of your own question: Why does it happen?

Dear reader, the spiritual path is not about “wanting” something or trying to “achieve” something. Those concepts are related with the “reality” of the world of achievements, what “normal” people call the “real world.” Anything that you achieve is not you. You cannot achieve yourself.

Once that mentality of striving to get someplace or to desire to be someone else is over, then we could be at ease, calm and let things be by themselves at their right time.

Consciousness will open, just be quiet in your mind, be still, be serene. That is the “effort.” 🙂

Why something so natural as being serene and calm has to be such an effort? 🙂

Dear reader, please see that this is not about “intellectual understanding.” There is a need to experience and that comes through the experience of your own natural serenity, so you can “see” and not be in a hurry looking for something to achieve, something to do, something to believe in.

There is no bias but only if you think about it. That is a human invention in the first state of consciousness.

Just allow yourself to “be” as you are now. Let that natural serenity emerge.

Best wishes!

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  1. vvrisor

    “Just allow yourself to “be” as you are now. Let that natural serenity emerge”…….EXPERIENCING in your own way about YOURSELF…..Thank you avyakt7.


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