Clarification by Brahma Kumaris reader from India

The reason why I post this message is to show the issues that may come due to language barriers, understandings and preconceptions.

Just to clarify: Avyakt7 welcomes questions. Avyakt7 learns from them and can share them. If Avyakt7 does not know, Avyakt7 will say so. It has been mentioned that this blog was about “Spiritual knowledge” for all.
Please keep that in mind when asking questions.

Dear reader,
I am glad to know that you are able to grasp some of the sharings here. Very happy in fact. 🙂
Thank you! Your current understanding about self transformation is all that matters. In fact, to know the self by experiencing its different facets, is all there is for in that, we will know everything else.

I appreciate your input and your willingness to read this blog despite the language barrier. Please send my heartfelt thank you to the person translating for you. Not a small thing…. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

When there is that true willingness to learn, the information comes. When there is a willingness to maintain “status quo,” nothing happens…New things can only enter through the doors of our heart and mind, when the doors are open…
🙂 To keep the doors open is the “effort.”

Best wishes and my profuse gratefulness to you! 🙂

Related to post [Who is God? (from SM 3-16-12)] I asked you that question because most of the time I think by my heart. You can say that I am highly Emotional and Sensitive person. I am not saying that this is my special quality but I am like this, I have never done any work by seeing the logic behind it. I did it because my heart said so. That why I thing many times, hey man why does not my mind work or thinks like this. See them how they calculate , estimate, how intelligent they are , so good is their thinking process. Any work that I have done be it professional one, I have done it like a mother who raises and take care of her own child, by doing so one doesn’t need brain or use it. Since I have come in the ‘Gyan’ the thinking process has increased. I have also read your articles but I would like to state that even I have my fears and confusion what we call it in Hindu philosophy ‘sanskar’ or what you call upbringing. Decision making not good, self confidence was not that much which I have now however still there is an entry for fear. n not expressive also…inferiority complex. etc etc etc 🙂 You can say that I am a fool 🙂 but becoming more Budha (enlightened) day by day. 🙂 That’s why when I understand something properly like your 1st article (realms of consciousness) I commented that I am understand what u r trying to say….I get surprised on my own self that I can even think to this level. (Not this particular one article) That’s why when I read something new which is beyond my grasp, more quickly doubt, fear and confusion come to me. No doubt there is lot of difference between your conscious and mine. Hence when I read this article I got confused. Before asking this question in between I was giving myself this answer that in whatever way God has given this ‘Knowledge’…. my work is to do self transformation.. to know thy self..and experience it. It’s been only a year since I have come in this ‘Gyan’ and whatever I have understood is because of your articles and Sister Shivani’s Programmes. No one makes you understand this knowledge here at the local level centre like what you write. This is my perception. I understand all you sayings but they have not come in my experience as of yet. From your articles and Sister Shivani’s Programmes the fear which I had regarding GOD has gone and has been substituted with love towards Almighty. But sometimes the element of fear does creeps in. In the local center here they don’t make you understand things much , they make you understand like in Sakar Murli. I don’t say that this is wrong but when there is something more to understand than this what an individual can do. In these circumstances I got your blog. I understood a lot though my experience which you wrote about is yet to come. Things that I understand whether little or more, if any experience happens I comment on it ( awesome, wonderful , like that etc etc). I am not able to write as I don’t have a very good English and a quick one. Hence my comments are short otherwise I have so much to say to you. But what i’ll do the person who translates will get annoyed with me :-). Thus I ask only very important question. I know that I have to work maximum on my fear, confusion as they dislodge me from the understanding of true knowledge. That’s why I asked you as it was creating doubts in me. I could not understand this paragraph(God is needed at this time. That is why, He becomes known through this knowledge. I cannot even say “His” knowledge but this knowledge which we have forgotten about and which is already in us, because we have experienced “before.” Things happen according to the Drama. God’s “entrance” or awareness in this Drama happens when needed in the Drama, however, there has been always some “remembrance of Him,” except in the Golden and Silver ages. We didn’t need God there. You wonder where is that “love for God” and how come that sanskara hasn’t appeared in the Golden age.) And in my mind this also came that their was a difference between the level of your consciousness during that time and in the current present time. Than even I asked you the question I am sorry for that. 🙂 Thanks for your reply. 🙂 Hope with time I understand or I get some experience. Om Shanti

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