Question by reader: How much God will help me?

Dear brother How much is my effort and how much assistance does my god father bestows upon me apart from imparting knowledge in my spiritual journey to become perfect. As you know to become perfect I have to make full effort to remove impurities. When I become pure with my own effort then what is gods role? Become pure and then become yogi.??

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question. It all depends on your belief system and how much of that belief system do you understand. Nevertheless, the outcome will be another belief. 🙂

Let me clarify.
In most monotheistic religions, there is the belief of a God that “helps” others. However, at the same time there is the belief in the “law of karma,” that is there is a consequence for every action.
Let me ask you: Can God go against the law of karma to “help you”? Or is the law of karma not sufficient to go against the will of God to “help you”?

Please reflect on the following: Why God is going to “help you” when there is the law of karma?
Now that we have put things into perspective, let me ask you: Why believers of different religions believe that God is going to help “them” believers exclusively? 🙂 Probably because of a belief. 🙂

Now, let me share my experience.
In my experience “Divine help” has been there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to “survive” up to a certain level of awareness. However, more than “making effort” (effort for what?) it was about sincerity and honesty with myself.

Spirituality is about finding your own self, so you can forget about it.. 🙂

Spirituality for avyakt7 has never been another mundane thing where you compete with others or push yourself to the limit or try to demonstrate others about your capabilities, so they can see that “I am making effort.” That is a mundane take on spirituality. There is no “goal” that avyakt7 has to “achieve.” That is just plain ego. Please see that your quest for “perfection,” that struggle will not allow you to relax and to let things happen at their own time. Spirituality is a matter of consciousness. To wake up early, to “do” certain things which you may call “effort” are just means to help you gain greater consciousness, but greater consciousness is not something to “achieve,” it is something that happens once your honest, sincere desire to know yourself as a means to help others is put in practice over sometime…then the law of karma kicks in, that is, you receive Godly help. 🙂 “Magic” happens at that point.

As you know, “knowledge” is that help that you want to receive from God. However, that “knowledge” is not something that you “study.” It is something that you apply in yourself so greater understanding occurs and then your consciousness will start changing.

Theoretical knowledge is of no help.

Please review the meaning of “perfect” in Spirituality. According to BapDada in your religion, perfection means completeness.
You are already complete, but you may not be aware of that; that is why greater consciousness is needed.

Dear reader, please learn to live with unconditional sincerity. Practice virtuous living and extend that with all beings, eradicate all duality from your mind, celebrate the equality of things and then, your every moment will be in truth; that is God will be with you in your perfection!

Best wishes!


  1. Joseph T D

    I FULLY agree with you, because you brought Karma principle into the explanation. In spirituality, God’s help is not necessary; because spirituality is all about unlearning, undoing and dispossessing, which are very easy to do, as you said, if one is honest with himself.

    Actually this is what is being hinted at the very opening sentence of sermon on the mount by Jesus: “Happy are those poor in heart, for Kingdom of God belongs to them.” (Mathew 5:3) Scholars stumbled over this sentence, hence you have all sorts of explanations. To be correct, you only need to see what Jesus did with his life. He did not have any sense of ownership or doership, or attachment in his heart—that is what POOR IN SPIRIT means—(Mathew 16:24) You realize deep within your hear that ownership is an illusion; doership is an illusion; and attachment is an allusion, or what you think as belonging to you—your health, assets, relatives—all will disappear at some point in time. To reach this realization, we need only an observant’s eyes, not God’s help.


  2. raj

    thanks dear.
    it would be great that you can explain us regarding the passion aimbition , motivation etc.all those terms ;which are commonly used in the working professional dictionary; in the terms of spirituality . I do feel ( its my belief ) ,since the time I inclined towards spiritual the passion towards innovation ,work has been reduced.not sure why ? is it lack of self discipline,lack of will power ? your response would give me new dimension to think over it and even after that the confusion persists .I will send a detail writeup 🙂 .


    • avyakt7

      It seems to me that you fully understand those words “normally” used at work and in our society. When we enjoy what we do, that is all. The “ups” and “downs” will be experienced as ripples in the Ocean… 🙂


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