We are already complete

When religions, philosophies and “moralizers” are reminding us of our evil ways and how “bad we are;” when these individuals preach rejection of one side of the coin of duality for the attainment of the other side, the “good side;” we could see that in this “play” of life; one side of duality will bring automatically the other side.

Rejection of one side only means a more intense experience of that side.

That is how “double face” preachers of morality are in existence. Those who thanks to their own rejection to something, at the end will embrace that which they originally rejected. They will say one thing but do the opposite.

Acceptance of “what is” does not mean to “agree with it.” There is no need to either agree or disagree. It is what it is. The important item is our reaction to that which life presents.
Lack of reaction does not mean “not to act.” It means not to be affected. We don’t become “not affected” when we “make effort” not to do it; but when we have infinite acceptance of things in our “blood cells.” 🙂

That is the importance of observation. Until we have not learned to observe everything around us and in us without labeling, we will be an easy prey of the events of life. That observation needs to be meditated upon, it needs to be assimilated. Here is where solitude is of especial importance.

Just like a writer or a poet needs solitude to allow for the inside to express in words and communicate to the outside, a spiritual walker requires the same ingredients to meditate upon the story of his own life.
Those 2 ingredients are important for self transformation, greater awareness will appear as a consequence. No shortcuts in this.

The Drama of life occurs. The “recorded movie” appears in our minds. We see, we hear, we smell something. That does not mean that those things that we see, hear or smell “exist” as they are. It only means that our senses have the ability to present that “movie” to us like that.

When we disconnect from that “recorded movie,” when we shut off the senses and the screen of the mind, not believing in our thoughts anymore, we could perceive that personality going away.

That is emptiness. It is in that consciousness of being empty from that “illusion” of personality when, we could recognize ourselves, who we are; without the script of the movie of life.

Good, bad, cold, heat, elation, sadness, all of those components of duality are part of the movie which our senses bring as experiences. We are “beyond” that.

That is “we are already complete.” However, when we believe in the script of the movie, which will change from “good” to “bad,” in time; at that moment we will identify with the script and create a personality accordingly. That is the personality which rejects, labels, judges and analyzes things to fit an ideal, to something which does not exist but only in our heads. An illusion, which is a “reality” for us until we “wake up.”

The Sun is out. My senses perceive that. If that is the origin of my happiness, then I will find out that the Sun will go away as well.
Because it came out. 🙂

That emptiness of personality is what unites all of us. It is the current of that Ocean of life moving as ripples; that is the source of our togetherness.

Some may call that “atma,” or soul; however, please see that without a “movie” to play; that soul will be an empty source of bliss… that individuality is only fictitious until the “movie plays.”
It is just the “movie” covering our self realization.
Togetherness is our “original state.” Oneness. 🙂


  1. avyakt7

    Great! Now, if we take the words “individual” and “drop of the Ocean” and “merging” and “becoming,” out of a great explanation; then perhaps a new view and experience appears, something that cannot be expressed through words…


  2. Tony Nguyen

    I am an individual, but my state is the wholeness.
    I am a drop of the ocean, but when I merge with the ocean, I become the ocean.


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