What is real?


Relying faithfully in the information that our senses transmit is a great way to forget about our eternal nature.

What we perceive with our senses is not necessarily real. As a matter of fact, the outside perception is possible only through a referential entity: ourselves, which is made up by our experiences and thoughts.

This collection of information gathered through generations, make up a collective consciousness, which becomes the agreement of what is “real.”

Quantum physics mentions that what we perceive as matter, our bodies and everything else, which are composed of electrons, are particles and waves of light at the same time.

Please see that any “truth” which explains life as being just “one thing,” is denying the other side of perception.

Our physical eyes allow us to perceive matter. Solid particles which get together and make up bigger elements. Our eyes cannot perceive waves of light, which is the other “reality.”

Aren’t we, matter and energy at the same time?

If we trust in what we perceive as being “true,” we will find out that we are missing a different perspective.

That is why consciousness is not related with outside information, which we cannot truly know; (knowing as “being it” and not information or definitions) but instead is related with the understanding of that which we are. That is “being it.”

Take the thoughts away, take the ideas and beliefs out, take the emotions out. What do you find? 🙂

Look at your face in a mirror.
Take a picture of it.

Look at your face in the same mirror ten years later.
Do you see the change?
Is that change you? 😉

However, we have an inborn “idea” of what beauty is and we compare the past with the present, even though we are never the same. We are always being and becoming.
That idea of beauty is there. Even though we understand that our face in the mirror is not truly us, when we hear someone calling us “ugly,” then we accept that information and behave in a certain way.

We believe to be “ugly” and we start building a complex of inferiority even though we could realize that those changes in our face are not really us. Beauty is a matter of perspective. However, when we call something as “beautiful” we create automatically, that which is ugly. Duality.

Why is it, that we cannot believe in the information that we “clearly” understand, that “I” am not that “face in the mirror”?

Because we are not conscious of who we are. Our eternity, through the recognition of the “reality” of “self and no-self.”
We only understand that mentally or as a belief, as “nice” words, as information.

We could say that we are souls or spirits, but that does not mean a thing when there is no consciousness beyond the information coming from our senses.

To say “I am not the body” is not that useful when the idea of what “I” am instead is something, which “I” have not experienced.

The realization that all information which relies on my sense organs is not necessarily true, will give me the opportunity to look for that “truth” in the only possible place that I could find it, which does not rely in my sense organs, that is in discovering what is “me.”


  1. vvrisor

    “Knowing as “being it” and not information or definitions”………..and boils down to “EXPERIENCE by the SELF”!


  2. goku

    We cannot see radio waves nor microwaves but still we can see the effect it has while using a mobile communication device or an oven in the kitchen, also electricity that we can not see but that which has changed this world, therefore all that we cannot see is not existent is another belief system that blocks our thinking.
    reality is truly an illusion !
    well written post avyakt7.


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