Question on emptying the mind and dissolving the “I”

“I need to ask you something regarding mind . it was also mentioned previous post that empty your mind and fill your heart , also in the above article say that we need to empty our mind . What exactly we need to flush out of our mind ; the negative energy element, or the list mentioned in the last line (your own beliefs, prejudices, ideas, standards, wants, wishes, desires, hopes, etc) i am confused that you mean which among mentioned below – we should change our attitude to see the newness in every action , every other soul,system,process and reject our already established beliefs( irrespective positive or negative ) .i mean there would be a belief already present in the mind but we should try to put effort to ignore /suppress that old belief(old sanskar) and should create a new sansakar ( seeing the newness in everything) – or going by the literal meaning of emptying your mind and not keeping anything in mind apart from spiritual learning. Please explain . My other question how is it possible and leading a family life ( with parents , spouses and Kid ) &professional life and parallely dissolving “I’ ( me) illusion . Please explain Thanks . please correct me if i am wrong ! Omshanti !!”


Dear reader,

Thank you for your follow-up question!
That means that you are trying to make sense, understand, what is being conveyed. However, you are still trying to understand intellectually, by using reasoning.

Please liberate yourself from conceptual understanding.

Plainly, observe your mind.

Are you under stress? Observe what you think, how fast you think and how is your breathing at that time.

Observe how much you speak and how what you said changes your mood, how it triggers sensations in you.
Observe, how the words coming from someone have an effect on you.
Observe how you create a story of something that you perceive.
Observe how you label that story as “true,” or “false,” as knowledge or nonsense.

All of that “stuff” that is going on inside, needs to be observed; for that “stuff” is not allowing your mind to see with clarity.

Forget about “rejecting.” There is no need to suppress anything. Just OBSERVE THAT IT IS THERE.

For instance:
“Paul met Sharlene. They went for a date. Paul liked Sharlene and wanted her to know all about him.

Paul started his “long story,” about his whereabouts in the last 30 years. Paul was careful to highlight the episodes where suffering got the best of him, looking for some female empathy. His greatest achievements in life to impress Sharlene were included. His “success” was embodied by his luxury automobile and his 3 properties all over the world.

When Paul spoke about his past, he was re-living those moments, especially when Sharlene asked some questions to “try to help him.” :-)”

In the above story, Paul is a “normal” guy who does not observe his mind and the different moods, emotions that he experiences through his own doing. Those emotions will express themselves through beliefs, prejudice, judgments, criticism, etc; which at the end support the existence of his own ego.

On the other hand, If Paul was able to OBSERVE himself; he would be able to catch a prejudice, a belief, a judgment, etc ; which are preventing him to APPRECIATE things as they are.
Paul’s beliefs, prejudices and ideas are things that he is adding into “what is.”

If you observe a snake; you could be amazed by its suppleness and speed. You are appreciating.

If you have “knowledge” that all snakes are poisonous, then; you will not appreciate, but display fear, thanks to your own beliefs and prejudices which came through your interpretation of that “knowledge.”

Note that to observe does not mean to interfere. When you reject; you are interfering. You are not open to the experience.

To appreciate life, we need to empty that bag of beliefs, prejudices, ideas, explanations, etc; by observing them, by being aware of them and their consequences.

When we appreciate life, we are not concerned about fitting life to our own ideas. That is the meaning of emptying the mind, explained through “unclear” words.. 🙂

Please see that we are not “creating” a new sanskara. We are not building a new window to see through. We are simply cleaning the same “old” window, what is already there.

We can clean that window through the liquid window cleaner of OBSERVATION.

Once you become acquainted with your own observation, you could deal with your second question.
Your kids, your parents, your spouse, your job; all of that will give you the perfect environment to see how all of that affects you.

When you discover that, then you may discover that as long as there is “you,” then those things will touch “you.”

Then, the aim will be to fully discover “you,” so “you” can get rid of it… 🙂

That is as paradoxical as it gets. 🙂

Please avoid trying to make sense of the above, just observe the explanation in yourself.

Best wishes!


  1. Tony Nguyen

    The point that new sanskars become old and then become new again reminds me about the old world becomes new and then become old again. There is only one world, thus I never change, I never lose my power. I only get more “information” which make me think, thus cover the naked me. How amazing life is…


  2. Dr. Dilip V. Kaundinya

    Dear Divine brother,
    Supreme Soul has made everything very easy and simple to understand and to follow rigidly and regularly without breaks in life- The easy three step Rajayoga which one can learn free of cost through 8500 BK-centres in 135 countries at no cost at all except the willingness.Swami Vivekanand has said- Nobody teacheth anybody.Each one teaches himself or herself[ he forgotten to mention undeer Divine guidance- [Shrimat].
    My experience of Rajayoga for last 18 years has shown that no question,query, problem or puzzle remains unsolved.Answer comes during Amrit-vela[ 4am] meditation ,or through Muralis or through a person giving a book to read.The long Q of questions about life and about the life after death disappear as if by miracle.Doubts,diseases,pain and suffering disappears- at the most within three months.Sometines much earlier.
    The Supreme also says-“Dont listen to anythingelse OTHER THAN WHAT I TELL YOU.This is because any body-form easily falls prey to Devil [ Ego of omniscience] in this era when the devil is most powerful.
    The BK-meditation is what the Mind-Body Medicine calls as mental silence type of meditation which silences the Doubting questioning and judgemental Scientist Mind and brings forth the Subconscious or Spiritualist Mind which functions on Belief[Bhav] and faith[Shruddha].It is called as Microcosm part and parcel of Cosmic,Univeersal Consciousness who we call as God.Once the Spiritualist Mind becomes activated, then the soul becomes adept in catching the Divine Inspirations.Medical science has shown that this process happens through Pineal gland,which today is known as Seat of Soul or God’s spot by the psychiatrists.
    Proof of the pudding is in tasting.So taste ,test and experience the truth.Holy Quran says- Believers [In God or Allah The Supreme] shall survive and thrive while the non-believers shall perish.
    BK Dr. Dilip V. Kaundinya


    • avyakt7

      Dear reader,
      Avyakt7 appreciates your viewpoint and is happy for you, knowing that you have found your path.

      Avyakt7 shares here out of experience and insight. As Avyakt7 has repeated many times already; this blog is for the “common good.” This blog is not meant to be as a support for a particular belief system.

      In this blog, you are free to comment on your belief system as Avyakt7 is free to comment on his insight.

      Best wishes!


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